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  • Emerald

1) Are your specs up to standard of Arma?

2) Have you had freezing issues before?

3) Make sure ALL of your drivers are up to date.

4) If in doubt try a re-install due to a file may be corrupted. ( Very unlikely. )

5) Try tweak your graphics.

6) Never install an optimizer unless you know it's a secure source.

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  • Legend

If using steam you should re-verify the ARMA games might be a file problem also as said about make sure all drivers are up to date

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  • Emerald

I have checked for updates on drivers and i have found none. I will re-install everything to check...

Let us know if you found a fix for this.

//I assume this is now fixed. PM one us staff members if you want this open again in case problem still exists. /thread

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