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Permabann appel

Guest Voidvox

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Guest Voidvox

Hello Admins/GM

My real account are Scarnic. Just using this to write a report. A Year ago me and 2 friends did a stupid thing for we where tired of

clans that did cheat in the game.

We where in the trade station diskusting if we would quit this server and join another one. And we where sniping some zombies realy far aways when one guy startet to talk and disturb us alot.

So i shot him and was ready to get the 3 days ban for it. And it started a small battle in there.

I think i did a report on my self for it. But then that guy told that we took hes gear and started to tell that we would do it all the time and got us all permabanned. And we dint defend ourself for it. We just left.

But now its been a year and we can see that the server got more and bether rules and that a fair game play seams to work again on the server.

So i would like to make a appeal to get the ban lifted and play this wonderfull game with you guys again.

Why the verdict is not fair : Permabaned for a lie.

What would you like to achieve with this appeal : To get my permaband lifted.

What could you have done better? I shouldnt killed that guys for being a annoying and take my anger out on him when i was tired and angry about a clan.

Many regards from Scarnic.

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  • MVP

Not only did you KoS people with a complete disregard for the rules, you also advertised competing websites and server.

You are right. This server has changed. The server does have more and better rules. Fair gameplay does seem to work.

Which is exactly why I'm denying this appeal.

I wish you well on another server.

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