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Moving the Green Mountain Spawn

Guest ArcticStarling

Should we remove the Green Mountain spawn ?   

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Guest ArcticStarling

The Green Mountain Spawn in my opinion should not be there, here are my views and why I think it should be moved.

The past

The Green Mountain base, in my opinion was one of the areas, such as Prud Lake and the Radio Station where I used to get quality Roleplay, the unique setting of a base completely overrun in some kind of last-stand type scene is the defining, unique thing about the base.

The place was surrounded by an Eerie feeling of death, recent death and tragic ones.

Problems of the spawn

My first problem, is that when role-playing at the base, every 10-20 minutes you are there, having a campfire or interrogating a hostage a man with no weapon or backpack magically appears, this ruins role-play and immersion in my opinion as interrogating someone when a magical person appears requires you to completely change your roleplay to counter this and also loose immersion as you have seen someone spawn in front of you.

My second problem that also effects roleplay and immersion is that pile of people jumping off the edge of the tower as it is seen as a 'shit spawn' so whenever I go there I see a mass of bodies all in the same place, all being new spawns.

Cheers and feedback is welcome

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I have been to Green mountain alot and never seen noone spawn there(except me and a randomer who spawnd there at the same time).

I do see your point tho. I'd find it annoying aswell if i'd do my interrogations there. I say remove the Green mountain spawn INSIDE the compound, but leave the spawn at the edge of it(end of the dirt road going north).

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  • Sapphire

I Personally love the green mountain spawn but when people kill them selves because of the spawn ruins the DayZ Roleplay feel so i wouldn't mind it being taken off

I used to head there all the time when Jasper { Frayzies } was there now he has gone and moved somewhere else not really much to do there

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Well I think it should be moved down the road a little, cause every time I spawn there, no loot spawns, and I have to back off first, and then come back, so I can loot the small military spawn. (Which most of the times spawns a nice weapon for new spawns, like a AK :P)

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The Green Mountain spawn has actually made for some great roleplay on an alternative character. I found myself there unarmed among a group of armed survivors who had stumbled across the place. Managed to pull off that I had been fighting alongside those they see scattered on the floor as a last stand and miraculously survived. I quite like the spawn, and in all honesty I don't see many people going there besides if they spawn there.

I wouldn't mind keeping it, but I understand your points. :D

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  • Sapphire

It's a good spawn, but your points are valid, perhaps make them spawn around the hill, not just the actual compound.

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  • Emerald

I have still never spawned at Green Mountain Yet T_T

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Please, please please move it! I was there a while ago and just after I had cleared out the infected someone spawned right in front of me, ran 5 metres to the military loot spawn, picked up a gun and robbed me with a "10 seconds or I shoot" initiation before I could finish saying "Hello?".

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  • Sapphire

I agree, also there are many high tier vehicle spawns, and I think it'd be almost unfair for a newly spawn to take a car and when the clan that's travelled across the map just for that car gets there and it's gone

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