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Closing a report and Snipping the Info.

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  • Sapphire

I've seen so many people doing this lately. They open up a report, then ask for it to be closed for some reason or another (solving it or dropping the charges) and they delete all the info from the initial post.

I think there should a rule that if you close a report you can not snip all the info, because it leaves the Staff who could not read it in time in the dark about what happened.

Do you guys agree?

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Yeah true, sometimes when I'm curious why someone would close it, I'd check out the OP only to see it was snipped. But about staff not being able to see it? I believe they can look back older versions of the posts, can't they?

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I believe the staff is able to look at the original post before it was snipped or edited. If thats true then its not really a problem if they can check anyway.

No we cannot do that.

If you have nothing to hide, why snipping the info?

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  • Legend

I didn't even see this thread when creating the sticky :D

But I saw it as a problem and a sticky might help, I don't know where this trend started.


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