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Short Stories: Upon The Sunny Shores of Cadiz.


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Around the South side towns of the coastal lines of Spain on a Sunday mid afternoon. The Sun was high in the sky and her shine was reflecting across the whole of the shoreline all the way down to the local port in the Distance. Here, the locals went fishing for their evening meals and to sell their gain for their future lives at the Late night market down in the town. Out at sea there was a fleet of ships coming back from their weeks worth of work and with them there was a Long White Boat that from a the town church took up the whole horizon.

We have Arrived boys! Our new home. Your Dad would be proud on how far we have gotten. A Woman with two young Lads beside her looking back at the town at bow of the ships steering at the towns church.

Yes Ma! The young man Turned his head to the lady while replying to her quotation. We shall have a good life here, No more judging from now on. He signs as he finishes his sentence. And looks back at the town in the distance.

Do you think they will accept us there Mum? The taller one says. He grips harder onto the rails of the boat turns his head and faces the lady. His eyes Fixed upon hers as if his soul engraves into hers.

She turns her eyes to the taller of the two and within her eye contact she smiles to her oldest son.

Of course Alex! Spain is the future country of Europe. It is Stable, Clean and more like home than back in England it shall be a new life, new adventure and it will change everything for the better good! She opens her arm up to her eldest and extends her over to her youngest. This shall bring a new life boys! Just you wait. Here is the future for our family and The Conviews will finally be at peace.

The youngest huddles to Lady and raps his arm around her back they both turn back to the town and watch the birds fly around the fleet coming back to land from their long journey. Soon we shall be at land Brother, and we shall finally have somewhere we can call home. He smiles as he watches the men climb of the boats one by one taking their fish to the Warehouses. Spain is a accepting country, we shall have no problems here.

A man comes out of the cabins of the ship, he is a short man, not much taller than the younger brother. He has a long blue jacket and a a massive beard he had the aspect of a sailor and you would not be blamed to think he was. Hemos Llegado gente! Bienvendios A Cadiz! El puerto de comercia el centro del mediterranio y cambio naval mundial!

The oldest stares at the man with confusion, he just had no idea what he just heard it all just sounded like having pot noodles whipped on his ear, so he just repleid: What the hell man?!

We have arrived Alex. You should of payed attention back at home maybe you would of learnt something for once eh? Smirked the younger one

Shut up Micheal. You are not better. Alex replied with haste to his brothers smirk remark

Boys stop fighting, your grown up men why do you always have to keep fighting? The lady turned her head side to side trying to pass the blame onto both of them. Without making one of them feel more responsible than the over. Now come on, lets get onto land and start our new life.

//I would like the Thank TheIrishfighter for inspiring me to write small stories in a different style. His stories are amazing and are always well worth the read. Thank you those who do and I hope you enjoy. The stories will be updated every time I have time to write :D

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Seems good so far. Can't wait for more.

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Il update tonight when im falling asleep :D

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