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Respawn Delay On Vehicles


How do you feel about this.  

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  • Sapphire

My suggestion is one that would stop people from destroying vehicles. I think it would be a good idea to decrease the respawn rate on vehicles, not by a drastic amount but an amount that would make blowing up a car just to get a fresh spawned one after a couple restarts not a viable solution for the metagamers that do it. In an apocalypse it also makes no sense that people would just be destroying a vehicle because it's wheels are missing or they don't have the parts on hand to fix it, if you want it you would find a way to get it running.

Now for the reason it makes sense to lower the respawn rate in an RP sense, once a car is destroyed in real life another one of it doesn't come back into the world after a good night's sleep. Now completely removing the destroyed vehicles would be the most realistic but that just means in a couple of weeks the server would have no vehicles at all. My suggestion is that the respawn time on vehicles be increased so it takes 3 to 5 days for them to come back into the server. This would hinder all the people who destroy cars and helicopters just because they don't have the parts to fix it or they don't want to take the time to go looking for the parts to fix it.

Personally I find it annoying when people blow up the cars that could be fixed with a little bit of effort or when they break them in a denial of the enemy type of action. Denial of the enemy makes little sense if you killed them but in the time frame of doing so you broke the wheel or something you have at least 2 hours after killing them to fix it. The only time I would find this to be a viable RP action would be in a revenge type situation where you cannot steal the car or you are involved in a fire fight and cannot take the car because it would put your life in danger.

I don't feel a rule would need to be made against breaking vehicles, but putting something in place to limit people from blowing them up just to pick another up latter makes sense to me.

-edit- Forgot to ask but anyone that says no would you please explain why you chose that stance to my suggestion.

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