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Sunny Desmondry's Background

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Sunny Desmondry was a good kid at birth in a small town in the UK, with 2 loving parents. His dad killed himself when little sunny was only 3 years old, which left sunny with no memory of his father. Him and his mom lived a normal life until sunny left his moms house at age 19.

After he left he went to go see a college that was right in his home town and decided to enroll in it. He was accepted and passed his classes with mostly C's and B's. He earned his degree in Business and went to start his own life with his girlfriend. Life was good until one day...

Sunny was walking away from a Starbucks and went to go see his girlfriend at their apartment. He saw that the whole block was covered in blood and dead bodies. He quickly rushed into his girlfriends room to find that she was ripped in half, along with his mother who was only a head. Sunny saw that they were gonna surprise him with a party to celebrate his new job he had just got at the local bank.

Sunny started to sob until it turned into a violent rage and he smashed his moms vase by accident. That quickly alerted the zeds of his location and chased him out of the apartment. He suddenly got a text from his best friend that he was about to take off in his personal biplane, sunny quickly drove there in a abandoned vehicle he had found and got to the airstrip in time.

They both flew off into the direction of Cherno hoping to find salvation. Upon finding Cherno there engine gave out and they had to land in a forest. Sunny survived but his friend didn't. He then discovered that their "Salvation" was only the start of the Apocalypse and that he had just flew himself strait into the heart of hell.

And that's where his story of survival begins...

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Quite odd that he would jump on a plane without a destination, or have time to prepare for a journey across all of Europe. +1 for having a civilian backstory though.

In terms of improvements to your backstory, although you touched on his personality and skills during the story. Perhaps add a bit more detail. Does he have the survival skills or is he a novice to camping and hunting? Is he shy or confident (other personality traits etc.)? Answering these sort of questions will bring more depth to your backstory. :)

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