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Leon_idas - badrp/combat logging- 6 day ban


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Why the verdict is not fair : I believe the verdict of my ban is unfair because one of the key issues related to it was due to a bug with the server/de sync. I would not have logged off if bandaging would have worked. Also I very briefly said ooc before I stated that I was going to contact an administrator. I realize now that all OOC messages should be done with text and not over voice but it was the heat of the moment and I didn't think it would matter. Secondly the robbers shot me but didn't kill me after I was compiling during a robbery. That is why I put attempted kos, because they shot without reason but didnt kill.

Additional statements/comments explaining your PoV (in details) : I had just spawned in berizino I looted the apartments, ran to the soccer field to get some guns. I found nothing and went to the hospital for some gear. after this I heard gunshots in the south store. I went to see if someone needed help. I found the two LRA members and they asked if I had any drinks, I replied no those are what I am looking for. I said good luck out there and left the building. 5 seconds later I hear them said hey buddy drop your guns backpack and radio. I was against the side of the apartments facing the soccer field and they were behind me at the store entrance. I comply and start dropping things and I dropped my crowbar and it drew my handgun. This is when I was shot. I started to click on my bandages and they were not working and then I said ooc over voice, im going to report you to the admins. after all my bandages vanished with no affect I logged to try fixing it. I was on the arma multiplayer so it took my to the server select menu. I was hitting enter rapidly to get back in. during this, the position of the two servers switched and I got on the other server. After not finding them. I logged out and made the report without noticing I was on another server.

What would you like to achieve with this appeal : I would like if my ban time would be lowered by a few days and have a few warning points reduced from my account.

What could you have done better? I think I could have avoided this whole scenario by just staying cool after being shot. I just got very panicked and upset. I also will only use ooc in text from now on to avoid issues.

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You may have been experiencing lag and de-sync at the time. However it is in no way acceptable to try and log out long enough for you to write a report. You are keeping other people waiting and they had no way of knowing that was your intention. In addition you decided to go OOC and accuse them of rule-breaking. You should never do this at all. If you need to you can PM them on the forums or make a report afterwards, but destroying people's immersion during the situation only makes a supposedly bad situation worse.

This appeal is rejected.

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