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Dengs Adventures


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  • Emerald

When I'm not busy getting KOS/RMD'd this is what Deng Gets up to.




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  • Legend

See what my Huscarl can do! Never ever be disrespectful to woman!

Love you! <3

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  • Emerald

Nice man haha loved the editing of the songs.

as you would say he got wrecked

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Deng, my friend..

I am much proud of being your mentor in meele hatchet fight, and I will continue to lecture you the way of Sōchirō. You've lived up to all of my expections from you, but you need to focus on your feelings.

Dear regards, Sōchirō.

Tenno Heika Banzai, long live Sōchirō!

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  • Legend

For the record, I never disrespected the lady, I did however, disrespect Deng, which turned out to be a silly thing to do.

Deng is a trusted warrior. He is very VERY good.

I would like to quote him:

"Silly white man"

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The reason the conflict began in the first place, was because someone was shooting inside the camp, and Deng said: "Typical white men" or at least something similar. So I called him a racist, needless to say he didn't like it.

// I would also like to add that for the people that may think he hit me too many times even though I fell to the ground, I died instantly, one hit KO.

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  • Emerald

He then got viciously brutally accidentally maliciously murdered in another axe fight but luckily the camera wasn't rolling so we all forgot about it.

shhhh GAWD

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