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[Need Help] How do you make documents on photoshop?

Mr Bobby

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Hey guys I need some help. I want to make some letters and official looking documents for a Clan Idea I'm working on. However, I have no clue how to do it on photoshop, (Also I have a really old photoshop). I'm looking for someone to help me out by perhaps giving me a few hints or a guide to how to make images like that. It would be even better if someone who knows how to do it could make some for me but I don't want to push my luck :P.


Mr Bobby

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Hey man, Just to let you know this is in the wrong section.

But I can help you if you like, PM me and I will either help you or I can do it for you in my spare time, If you want to talk over mic, Come in to DayZRP TS, Poke me if you want a chat. I have the same TS name as my forum name.

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Depends what sort of paper you are looking for. If you are looking to create it yourself, your best friend is your Google and its access to tutorials :)

Effects like filter> render >clouds can create crumpled paper when done right. (I have CS6 so that might make a difference)


This took me 30 mins, finding a texture helps a lot, the only changes I made were slight colour changes and extra crumpleness (that's not a word).

If anyone knows how to make the writing on the paper look natural, that would be great, I was experimenting with distorting the text but can't seem to perfect wobbly handwriting.

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I quickly made this:


It shows basic techniques in terms of handwriting and signatures and suggested fonts to do so, hope it helps :D

I say if it needs to be easy to read because you don't want a whole document in a font that's designed for a legitimate looking signature.

(I know its cluttered :P)

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Sadly I can't help, I know how to do it IRL with a teabag ;)

But, I do want to know how, so I'm posting here to keep an eye on this thread :D

or rub coal over it, burry it and for extra effect set a corner on fire.

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