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Fruit - Bad RP - 3 Days

Guest Fruit

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Link to report : http://www.dayzrp.com/t-formal-rp1-trolling-bad-rp-and-robbery-at-novy-1-30

Why the verdict is not fair : I believe i was role playing to the best of my ability with the hostage trying to make a stressful situation as a real robbery would simulate. (i.e., Yelling commands giving him 10 seconds.) although may be excessive yelling 10 seconds every 5 seconds but i totally accept the execution was done very quickly and poorly.

Additional statements/comments explaining your PoV (in details) :In my point of view i believe the first initiation was quite rough seeing many of my friends were trolling and with the attempted RDM. Afterwards i believe i was trying to control him sufficiently until i found out he wasn't complying because he didn't drop his radio(i kind of became alot more unrealistic giving him very short times to comply and became very paranoid when i found out he wasn't complying)when told. Once i found out he was not complying i now understand i had the rights to kill him on the spot instead of putting him through a poorly role played execution.

What would you like to achieve with this appeal : Possibly reduce or remove the warning points and ban time a day or two.

What could you have done better? My whole squad could cut out all of the in game trolling and not franticly initiating on people. Also give proper time for the hostage to drop his possessions. I could honestly brush up on the rules a bit about hostile actions. I should also better my role play by being more calm and realistic in these kinds of situations.

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I have requested the original video evidence be made available again.

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From what I have been able to deduce from the case the kill itself isn't the main problem here. The problem stems from the fact that you did not RP well through the entire encounter to the point that it seems difficult to determine whether you were actually trying to RP or troll. In the future I suggest you try much harder when RPing to provide an interesting and engrossing experience to those you meet in game. Executing him after this was just adding insult to injury.

You could and did make the case that you had KoS rights on him for non compliance. I don't necessarily disagree and if you had merely taken these rights without fuss the outcome may have been different. Instead you decided to take the path of a poorly thought out roleplay session leading to an execution. It seems that the experience was far from enjoyable for the other party.

Appeal Denied.

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