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Bruce Kennedy - The Veteran of The Seas

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///This is my first character ever in dayzrp so dont hate too much and i apologise for any cliches.//

Bruce Kennedy. A man of the waves, whose heart lives for the sea and he takes every oppurtunity to act out his hearts wishes.

Originally Bruce was born in Sydney Australia to a lower class family, with no siblings Bruce spent his early years of childhood primarily with his mother. His father was a loving and caring man but as a fisherman working the trawlers for months at a time he simply didnt have enough time to give his son his own caring influences. As a result Bruce spent the rest of his childhood and early teenage years as a loner, not getting teased at school because of his large muscular build and amazing upper body strength but that didnt seem to help his social skills at all. Even if he was included into a group he didnt speak much and when he did everyone was shocked to hear it.

Bruce finally finished his education at Bankstown Boys High School in late 2013. While his colleagues rushed off to university Bruce stayed behind in the western suburbs of Sydney scavenging for any work possible. His mother was simply to old and sick to work which burdened Bruce with the responsibility of being her carer and the man of the house. His father now long deceased due to a cyclone that had completely obliterated himself and his shipmates off the coast of Cairns had left very little legacy and unfortunately very little money for the family back home.

Bruce ofcourse being strong and well built often found himself working in the shipyards of Sydney Harbour. As usual he kept to himself and working hard up until the final days of his mothers life. Devestated by his mothers death Bruce simply not caring for himself sold the house that his family had owned for three generations and signed up for trawler work in the hopes of becoming a fisherman like his father before him.

Several years past as Bruce developed his skills of the fishing arts, rapidly impressing his fellow shipmates. It wasnt a glorious lifestyle and it was extremly hard work but it was a life at sea, and that is what his heart desired. A decade after his mothers death Bruce was 32 and already a veteran of the pacific seas, his body now reflected his personality, which seemed to be the personality of a rock. His body riddled with scars from his fishing duties and his voice low and deep like the mental scars he carried with him, it was not long at this point Bruce was reccomended for hardcore trawler work in the far north pacific.

Bruce began working with an international team of fisherman working for 'Fishing International' or commonly referred to as "FI". FI was based on the East coast of Russia in a province known as Chernaraus. Bruce barely could speak a word of Russian but it mattered little due to the multiculturilism that Chernaraus experience due to it being a Trade HUB for the Pacific.

However after spending months again of fishing in some of the coldest regions the Pacific has to offer Bruces trawler docked in the city commonly known to foreigners as "Elektro". Instead of seeing the trading HUB lit up with activity and the voices of fellow fisherman the city was lit up by something else entirely.

The city was engulfed with fire. The voices that Bruce could hear now seemed to come from mindless people walking around the streets who had somehow experienced serious physical deformities, their mindless, reckless brutality was made aware to the fisherman quickly as the captain of Bruces ship was quickly devoured by several of these things that had seem to come from nowhere.

Nobody knew what to do.

There was no escape.

Some just cried as swarms of these deformed people raced towards them and began dissembering them without a second thought.

There was no hope.

Bruce and maybe a few others simply ran through the cities as they were chased by dozens of these strange people who seemed that their lives depended on ending Bruce's.

There was no help.

Somehow out of pure luck Bruce managed to escape the city without being devoured, he could hear the screams of his former shipmates as their lives were ended in what Bruce considered was worse then death.

Alone, Cold and with no idea where he was. Bruce moved on in the hopes of finding anyone, anything else that could explain what had just happened.

Despite being in what seems to be an "apocalypse" Bruce wishes to keep to himself, doing whatever he needs to do to survive. He has done some rather unpleasant things to people who threatened his family or questioned his own loyalty to his family, whether they were just teasing or not Bruce always took it seriously. Bruce had racked up an astonishing 28 assualt charges in his youth. Despite this absurd amount of violence Bruce managed to become a trawlerman before any of his past caught up with him.

He will survive the apocalypse one way or another.

I am Bruce Kennedy.

This is my story

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Bruce Kennedy was murdered in cold blood..

He met several friends along his great but ever so short journey and his last thoughts were of the kindness he received from strangers. Unfortunately Bruces attempts to make friends finally dealt his own demise. Alone at the Desal settlement Bruce was in the process of leaving as a stranger on a boat appears and asks Bruce for some company and offers a blood transfusion. Bruce having grown naive in his numerous friendly encounters accepted the offer and within seconds of sitting down he was staring down the barrels of two bandits. One the man from the boat, the other from seemingly nowhere..

Bruce complied with their orders and was quickly wisked away from the settlement on the boat the first stranger arrived in. Not before taking a bullet to the gut from one of them after thinking he had a concealed weapon..

Bruce arrived with his new masters at what seemed to be a tiny town on the coast, he followed orders still and was dragged into a long barn where his captors procceded to torture and interrogate him at their whim, only stopping every now and again to talk in private about some "slave traders".

Bruce may have been naive but he wasnt completely stupid. He knew what was going to happen once these traders arrived and he knew he had to somehow escape if he wanted to live another day..

After an hour of torture and unspeakable suffering the two captors take a break, one walks to the far end of the barn with his back to bruce, while the other sharpens his hatchet for some more 'fun'. Bruce quickly stands up and bursts through the closest doorway and straight out the gate infront of him, he can hear the two captors yelling at each other in frustration.

This is it all or nothing. Bruce sprints halfway around the barn and then circles back around hoping to confuse the captors, it works! The fools are running in circles demanding he come back. Bruce can feel the taste of freedom on his lips, he begins running towards the valley next to them, ligh cover but no choice. He is sprinting for his life, their voices grow distant. He can feel it! He actually escaped!

Then a bullet pierces through his spine and tears his heart apart.

Bruce dies instantly.

But he dies with the tast of freedom on his lips..

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