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Seth Richards' Background

Guest Seth Richard

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Guest Seth Richard

Seth was born in Winnipeg, Manitoba in Canada into a semi poor

family. His mother worked as a waitress and his father was a

telemarketer.His father left him when he was just a two month

old baby.Seth and his mother moved from place to place because of the

inability to pay the rent on time.

When Seth was nine years old, his mother became a severe alcoholic

and when he was twelve, died to alcohol poisoning.Seth was put

into a orphanage. Seth refused to be adopted and purposely

misbehaved and scared off any potential families.

Seth left the orphanage when sixteen and joined a public

high school. He was a C- student and was barely passing his classes.

He quickly got into drugs and alcohol and started breaking and

entering houses.Seth was charged with theft and breaking and

entering several times and went to a correctional facility for

three years.

Seth's best friend was with him when he first encountered the zeds.

They were in the middle of doing a B&E when they went upstairs

and his friend got jumped. Seth's friend quickly turned and

Seth left his hometown.

He went to the border between the U.S. and met with a military

outpost.They told him of the virus and learned it was going on

world wide.He now fights for his survival and hopes to live

through the ongoing epidemic.

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  • Sapphire

After he made it to the border they escorted him in a chopper and got to Chernarus that way.

So wait, the US Army, flew him in there, and dropped him off? :D

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