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Rule question


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Hello! i was just wondering if it is allowed to steal, for example if theres a camp with like a tent and cars, is it against the rules to steal from that? And if someone steal from you with intention of taking it and using it, is that a reason to kill them?

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When something is Hidden is now counts as Loot and nobody has KOS rights on you unless they See you robbing it from their Stashes then they have the Chance to Take you Hostage.

Edit: It is not against the rules at All. But when in Camps do not Steal from Backpacks. If you find a tent in the forest. Yep no problem.

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Stealing is fine, stealing is also a hostile act. They can shoot you for stealing.

Stealing out of someone's backpack, instant KOS rights for them to kill you.

Stealing a car, if the car is actively being guarded by someone... instant KOS rights.

Stealing from a tent, same as car. Key is, someone has to be actively guarding the vehicle, tents etc. for them to have KOS rights on the robber.

If the vehicle or tent is not being actively guarded, the owner has no rights to kill you.

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Guest The Nightmare

You can steal from people at camps out of backpacks etc. but if someone notices and sees you do it they can shoot you it grants KoS. For example (this did happen) my mate tommy had a saw a guy steal a blood bag from his backpack. Tommy then turned around and shot him in the face. He then checked his gear and saw that the man had taken the blood bag. As well another example. Some guy was snooping around our car at altar today and took an AEK i then told him to return it or he will be shot (at the time i was in a good mood) and he returned it and i told him to run. So it is really your choice when someone steals something from you if you want to kill them or be nicer to them like i did in my case :P

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