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Anyone wanting Signatures? Custom threads?

Guest Astycc

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Hey, my name is Astycc. I am wanting to help the community and in order to do this, I am offering my skills on Photoshop to the community, I can attempt to make any sort of graphics you want, I am not an artist, however, so I cannot make original pieces, I can take internet photos, make logos, make threads, make signatures, and more, but don't expect me to make drawings etc.

I will post below the work I have done, and also the application for the artwork.

What type of graphic do you want? (thread, logo etc)

What main colours/themes do you want?

Any text needed? If so what font?

I can also make After Effects intro's and Cinema 4D animations, I also make small time electronic music, but that stuff takes too long to do it for free, I will of course do it for special order.

Channel Art I made for someone.

A thumbnail I made for a friend's YouTube video.

Here is a prototype thread, took about 1 hour, and is relatively detailed, I excel at simple GFX though.

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  • Sapphire

Great idea, +1 :-) Good luck with this!

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