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The Humble Bundle


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So i just bought the humble bundle weekly sale since i needed one of the programs for school. But the rest of the games/programs i wanna give away to you guys. But i am a little confussed how to do so. I know where i can find the Steam keys, but wouldnt the person i give it to need a downloade link?

TL;DR i dont understand how i can give it away


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*Moving to off-topic since this isn't a DayZRP related question.*

If you want to gift it to a friend you basically just have to go to the humble bundle URL provided to you in an e-mail and click the little 'present' icon to the right of the game.


Checking out this link would probably be useful as well.

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I think most of the Humble Bundle games, if not all of them, are supported by steam. If it's just a downloadable link... Then link it? Sent the link via PM.

But i dont want to downloade it. I want to give it away. And there is no magical way i can downloade it for you

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