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Macbrine - RDM - 5 Days


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Link to report : Click here

Why the verdict is not fair : In the verdict the rules are quoted as saying

Do not kill the victim if he is complying or you have no good reason to execute them (grudge, previous hostilities etc).

Yet, I was led to believe that the men attacking the camp were not complying to the demand made about the hostages life, therefore giving me the right to kill him. I understand now about this, but at the time I was going off the rules and no where does it say anything about using the hostages to keep yourself alive or to stop an attacking force. This is almost by definition what hostages are used for in real life scenarios. So why would anyone think that it would not carry over to RP situations if not stated about at all in the rules? The men attacking were informed about the hostages yet showed no remorse for his life or an attempt to RP the hostage situation out.

Additional statements/comments explaining your PoV (in details) : Stated in the rules it says

Always prioritize roleplay over ruleplay.
why should genuine RP experiences(hostage situations) be given up for ruleplay?

My point is, how was I or any new people in the server supposed to be informed of hostage situations if not stated in the rules? That is why I am making a ban appeal, because I do not believe I should be punished for an attempt at a genuine RP hostage situation where the rules are vague(or say little) about.

You cannot under any circumstances, other than for past aggression or hostile clan relations, execute a complying individual. SweetJoe followed your commands and complied to your every demand. Also, it is not agreeable to force an individual to comply with unreasonable demands. He had no power or control over other individuals in this situation.

Well is that not the point of hostage situations? The man does not have power or control over the individuals but he has influence in the mind of the people and used as a bargaining chip. I understand what you are saying about it could be considered an unreasonable demand, but is it not acting in the best interest of my characters life?

In conclusion, I believe the rules were insignificant in informing me of that kind of request on a hostage, and that is why I view this as an unfair punishment, also when this is my first offense of any kind.

I would like this ban appeal not to be just looked at this particular report but how hostage situations act in real life scenarios and how they could enrich the RP of the server itself.

What would you like to achieve with this appeal : A lighter punishment or possibly a lift of all punishment.

What could you have done better? I could have not had him do something beyond his limitations, and shot him for the inability for the OTHER men not complying not himself. I attempted to tell him I was deeply sorry, and he understood and even complemented me on my RP.

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  • Emerald

You can't excuse everything by calling it roleplay. In a real life hostage scenario, this would probably be appropriate and so would a lot of other things, but in a real life hostage scenario there is no rules telling you to account for the hostage and his enjoyment.

I like the idea of using hostages more in situations like this. Instead of having them stand in the bag, tied up and told to stay quiet - using them to nagotiate is a really interesting concept that should be used more. However, in this situation it was in no way fair for Joe. He did not have much control of his life nor did he have any reasonable time to finish the order of somehow convincing the shooters to leave in order to save poor Joe's life. This could've turned out to a very interesting scenario, had you given him more time and maybe the possibility to actually get close enough to the shooters to try and nagotiate with them. You're actually allowed to do a lot of different things with your hostage in situations like this, aslong as they DO NOT DIE.

Why can they not die? It's fun for RP, and makes for a interesting scenario? Perhaps it's fun for you, and looks pretty cool for the shooters to see a hostage get executed due to their non-compliance, but this was obviously not fun for Joe, as he ended up reporting it for RDM. You need to give everyone on DayZRP a choise to live or die in every situation before possible execution, in this case, Joe was fully complying and was killed because someone else, who had no affiliations with Joe, decided not to comply. That's not fair. You put Joe's life in the hands of a complete stranger, who obviously did not care for Joe.

Your arguement for having a genuine amazing roleplay experience is not really convincing us. We could even try with a more extreme scenario - let's say I find it extremely fun to roleplay a maniac who shoot everyone on sight without a word given. That might be hillarious for me, but it's not fun for the people who get shot. And it's suppose to be fun for everyone, that's the reason for the rules.

I'm writing a long verdict for this, because I actually see where you're comming from. You're thinking new and interesting, and have a pretty good idea of using a hostage in firefights. However, killing the hostage is not a choise in a situation like this, and is not just our personal opinion, but is also stated in the server rules. Next time, I can suggest that you make an OOC agreement with a hostage about a possible execution for not finishing a job like this, if he agrees it could be a fun challenge, then feel free to do what you wish, but make sure he's on with the idea first. Since in this situation, Joe had not OOC agreed to anything like this, and you have the server rules against you, we see no reason to remove or lower your punishment. Learn from this and avoid doing the same mistake in the future.

Appeal denied.

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