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ForReal - IP - PermBan

Guest ForRealBANappeal

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Guest ForRealBANappeal

Hello, I am ForReal

Link to report : NONE

Why the verdict is not fair/Additional statements/comments explaining your PoV (in details):

I got banned because of my IP. It looks like Another guy once played with the same IP like I have and got banned.

I dont find a really fair, because I have never even touched this "community" before I registerd with "ForReal".

I dont want to bother you with this appeal with out bringing any facts.

I found it pretty strange that an other person actuly could have had the same IP as i do. Although I have a STATIC-IP. So I googeld for "double IP (etc.)" and just ran over a few situations people got banned for their IP, too. It seems to-be often that more people have the same IP (not at the same time).

So this is basicly everything.

What would you like to achieve with this appeal : Get Unbanned

What could you have done better?: Use another IP? :D

-No seriously, no idea.

Greetings ForReal

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Please use the correct format for this ban appeal or it will be ignored.

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Is it a coincidence that the registration IP of "ForReal" is the same as the last known IP of "Exoster"? Is it a coincidence that Exoster's last activity was exactly two minutes before you created ForReal?

The burden of proof isn't on us. Anyone could use the excuse you're using.

Appeal denied.

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