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Your most creative but non-offensive insult

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  • Emerald

"You're as useful as an ashtray on a motorcycle."

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  • MVP

1. You maggot

2. If stupdity could fly ... (insert name or 'you') could fly to alpha centauri and come back in a blink of an eye

3. If I could I would use you as plant fertilizer

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  • Emerald

'That was so funny i forgot to laugh'


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  • Sapphire

Oh and I'll have fries with that!

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  • Emerald

Non-offensive? In what way? These might be offensive... but effective.

"You are an inspiration for birth control."

Alternatively "Your picture could solve overpopulation" Or for the absolute effect "I think of you during sex. To last longer." Might be most appropriate when said to someone with whom you would actually have sex with. Or to someone who atleast belongs to your preferred... target group. Saying that to your buddies at the local pub might get a rather confused reaction. But you can always find out.

"Laughing at you feels like booing at the special olympics."

"Hello there, did you fall from the heaven? Looks like you landed on your face."

"Atleast my shoe size is smaller than my IQ."

"I've eaten shrimp smarter than you. And they were still more beautiful than you... afterwards."

"I looked up 'loneliness' in the dictionary and it referred me to your braincell."

"You have a face perfect for radio."

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  • Emerald

'Last time I heard that I fell off my dinosaur, Lol jks I don't have a dinosaur but if i did I would name him Dilbert'

This one was quite common in my school..

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