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Never give up !


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Nearby Belozersk,several people were talking lively around a campfire. They were simple survivors who banded together to survive and reach a safe place,far from the undead.

One of the newest survivors approached and elder and asked:

"Who is the guy there,all alone?"

"That guy? That is Naduz Kermut. A former Chernarussian box champion... The poor guy has been acting like that since we saved him from a house filled with infected..."

"I thought people like him are not that easy to break down..."

"Well,not exactly my friend... If you are willing to stay,I can tell you his story and then you will understand how he came to this state."

"Please do! I am all ears!"

"Naduz wasn't..."


Naduz stood up and looked at the 2!

"If you want to know my story,it's better if I tell it myself!"

My life wasn't easy...

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