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Tamaster92 - RDM - 3 day ban etc


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Link to report : http://www.dayzrp.com/t-formal-s2-rdm-near-altar-castle-21-02-06-12-2013?page=8

Why the verdict is not fair : The verdict states;

We find the robbery was poorly executed and that was the crux of all of this. If you had spent ANYTIME on this robbery you could of found out those two people were not together and properly disarmed them.

This is true, but it was also in the middle of a large firefight, we followed the rules and gave them a order and consequences. They originally complied so were not harmed. They were only harmed once they did not comply. It is unreasonable to believe we would be able to dedicate a large amount of time to discuss the exact circumstances of how these 2 civilians (one of which was a enemy) managed to meet, then arrive at the roadblock.

It also states;

Felix ran and was unarmed which IC Michael Daniels should of known Felix had no weapon and was not a threat since they had just robbed him

This is clearly false, if this was the case than what you are saying is that we should know exactly what everyone has on them at all times. We clearly didn't know the first player had a weapon so what is to stop the second one doing the exact same thing?

In the video you can hear Alfie tell them not to shoot the unarmed person.

This is also false, if you watch the video Alfie ASKS why we were shooting a unarmed player, we then reply that he ran for a weapon (it certainly looked like it) and that his friend shot at us.

Yet even though Felix Amsel was no threat and was attempting to bandage himself

Obviously the logs show that Felix was bandaging but we do not have access to logs of exact player movements in game. It was dark and far away, he started a animation that looked like he was pulling out a weapon, exactly like the first player did. Also saying Felix wasn't a threat is fine in hindsight but at the time he was a serious threat. He was with a player who opened fire on us and had stopped to seemingly access a weapon in the same manner.

The verdict does not seem to take into account anything about the rules as stated or the situation we were in when this happened.

Additional statements/comments explaining your PoV (in details) : TLDR of my POV is that 2 players very obviously running together came into our firefight zone from our flank, we then disarmed them. The initiation was somewhat rushed but it followed the rules and the players complied. They then ran the wrong way and stopped in a treeline, one of them started to arm and fire.

Because of this we get KOS rights on BOTH players. It dosn't matter if they were randoms or both members of the same clan. It doesn't matter if one was armed and one wasn't. The player who decided to attack and not comply granted us KOS on both players.

Some examples of this would be - If a group of civs were in a vehicle and it got initiated on at a roadblock. If the driver decides to not comply the robbers gain KOS on the entire vehicle, even if the passengers wanted to comply or were unarmed.

If a civilian was running with a clan and that clan decided to initiate on a player or group then the civilian would also be liable to die due to his involvement.

It is also similar to the good Samaritan rule.

This should only be used when you are certain the victim you intend to save will not be injured or killed by any repercussions of your actions. A victim may be killed if their robbers start taking fire from their would be saviours.
In this case it was one of the victims retaliating not a 'good Samaritan' but the logic is the same. If a victim does not comply then he is responsible for the deaths of any complying victims.

I was perfectly within my right to open fire and to kill Felix, regardless of him being unarmed or not a part of the first players clan. Was it a bit mean? Sure. But when you are in the middle of a large firefight you cannot take chances and the rules show that I am in the right.

I would also like to show the outcome of this report - http://www.dayzrp.com/t-formal-rp2-kos-altar-07-12-2013-19-20?page=3

In the verdict the GM states;

GingerHippo had KOS´rights on Al-Takizh and XM. You were hanging around with them.

He ID´ed the vehicle with those inside.

There was no way for them to know that another Member is in the car too.

Wrong place, wrong Time.

No Punishment will be given

Obviously the circumstances are not the exact same but the general idea is that the player was hanging around with a ID'd target and was killed because of this. The verdict was no punishment, wrong place wrong time. In our report it would be similar as we ID'd the shooter as being armed and firing at us giving us KOS, there was no way for us to know that they were not a group.

What would you like to achieve with this appeal : To be unbanned, my warning points removed and my character not reset. I have never had a ban strike or even any warning points and I would like that clean slate to continue.

What could you have done better? Clearly we could of initiated better and made sure to fully ID both the people and discuss their situation with them. Though personally I feel this is a unreasonable demand in the middle of a firefight.

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There was an active firefight zone, and the fact that the two hostages were acting as a group (not intentionally, but that does not matter) and one showed complete non-compliance.

You acted swiftly and you had to save your friends, and we fully understand that you took the shots when you got confirmation that the hostage pulled out a weapon. You were in a tense situation and it was hard for you to calculate whether the victims knew each other or not.

The compliant man was killed as a result of his companions non-compliance and the responsibility lies on the man that decided to pull a gun.

We have decided to remove the ban and warning points fully from you, and all charges lifted.

Appeal granted

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