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Being killed due to conditions out of mycontrol

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So I was sitting in Altar and there was no one else in the compound. I heard shots and took cover behind the plane. the person found me and I at that time had no gun on me at all. He made some comment about my clan, told me to drop my backpack or he would f***** shoot me " I really hate that". I told him I was unarmed and complied. He told me to go sit by the fire which I did. then said if anyone came in and shot him he would shoot me. I responded If that happens it was not of my doing as I had no radio. So I sat there a few and he said my leader would be coming soon . I asked who he was and who he was with. Then someone came into the camp and engaged him. He shot me 3 or 4 times killing me and then he was killed, Really? He aside from saying my leader will be here soon there was no RP at all and killed me for some random coming into Alter and initiating good Samaritan. I complied fully with him but I am sure his argument will be I told him I would shoot him if anyone shot me. How am I supposed to prevent that? was he in the right at all?

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I would say this goes against the "Do not kill the victim if he is complying" rule...

In the past though, I've seen similar cases where it was ruled 'legal', because the person who intervened was in the same clan as the compliant player, which means that the compliant player is now part of a hostile group.

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  • Emerald

I think he knew someone was already after him, isn't it funny how he suddenly "predicted" the future...think about it!

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