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Ban Appeal for epixtom

Guest Appealfortom

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Guest Appealfortom

This is an appeal for the account EpixTom

Link to report : http://www.dayzrp.com/t-s2-altar-castle-...ing?page=1

Why the verdict is not fair :

I feel the verdict is not fair as i believe i did not metagame and i feel the way i asked for back up was fully justified. After my robbers initiated on me they never told me to drop my radio allowing me to call for back up. It wasn't until a few minutes later when i surrendered and they took my radio out of my gear by then the civilians were on their way. I don't know if there is a way that the admins can check my inventory at a certain point in time, if this is possible it would sure help my case.

Additional statements/comments explaining your PoV (in details) :

At the time of robbery i was told that i was being held hostage for questioning about the US army (This was later changed to something about a dodgy deal) I met the civilians about 20 minutes earlier we spoke for a little while and eventually got in comms with each other. I had an internet problem where i was kicked from the game i immanently re entered the game

and as soon as i logged in i was told to drop my weapons and backpack, at this point my radio was not dropped. I was taken into a nearby forest, as i was walking there i was able to tell the civilians what was happening. They were able to use the GS rule as they had all seen me unarmed and three guys around me pointing guns in my face. They initiated as seen in one of the videos posted on the report and then they attacked and the bandits got away (They returned later and were killed as i and the civilians

all had KoS rights on them)

As seen in the video it is obvious that the civilians were in comms range as you could hear my voice and they shouted "leave him alone" while still in comm range, it's a bit strange how this is not evident in the video posted by he reporters. I also realise in the video where he states "I know it's against the rules but i don't give a shit" I don't think he fully understood what rules he meant here.

As i mentioned before they first told me that they were questioning me for information of the US army, if they actually included that in the video you would have seen, then in the report they stated that i was being robbed after a member made a "dodgy deal" and they wanted their weapon back, in this case a ump 45, which after i was saved was still sitting where i had left it i feel that they lied in the report for whatever reason.

What would you like to achieve with this appeal : I would like the permbanned to be taken away, i don't mind having some of the points and character reset. Any other punishment except a permban would be very much appreciated.

What could you have done better? Explained the situation in more detail, made sure that everything that happened wasn't so muddled and everyone knew what actually happened in the situation

I just want to clarify i told the streamer to upload the any video evidence of the situation, i would have thought he would have uploaded everything that happened. I wasn't aware that he "didn't give a shit about the rules" and that he was even paying attention to what i was saying". What he uploaded was all on him.

I just want to add one more thing and that this is looked at in full detail, i enjoy playing the dayzrp mod and the experiences it brings and i know i fucked up but i don't think it should have got me where i am now. If any admins have any further question i ask them to ask them rather than just straight up banning this account. Thank you for taking the time to read this.

If nothing comes from this i just want to thank all the players for making the dayzrp mod as fun as it was and making me spend many hours on it. I also want to thanks the mods and admins of the forums and the game for making a fun, safe and enjoyable mod to play for the users. I have made many friends and enemies on this server that i will continue to play with until i die or my computer breaks. Thank you DayZRP <3

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You have already made an appeal once. We don't allow people to make multiple appeals. You can't keep making appeals and expect us to keep looking at them and evaluating them. We don't have the time for that.

The original verdict from Caesar still stands:

The reported parties including yourself made it appear that your saviors only happened to find you by luck. The evidence indicates this is completely false. By contacting someone for help via the stream you meta-gamed pure and simple. Brohan knew what was happening was against the rules and he "couldn't give a shit".

You also made no attempt to provide us with correct information regarding the event and as far as I am concerned were likely aware of the destruction of evidence.

This appeal is denied.

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