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Server time (UTC): 2023-01-27 10:55

Just a quick question.

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Hey guys, Its been a while for me. I have been inactive for the last few months due to circumstances in my life. But i do plan on playing again and being very, very active like i was before I stopped. I am just wondering if there were any big changes made that I missed? Any news? Just fill me in on everything and i would appreciate it. Thanks!

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You could always go on the patch notes for the server to check what has changed and what has been added.

Other then that ALOT of clans have left, and so have ALOT of players. Some left some got banned. The most recognizable clans that left are CLF and RSC.

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  • Emerald

As said above new clans have joined and old one's have left. Also Raven's nest and some other player settlement have gone.

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New server Patch, server wipe, New clans coming old clans going then coming back and loads of issues with raiding.

It is hard to put months of events in a few words but a lot has changed even since I started playing. Make sure you are updated with the new rules of the server m8!

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Check month updates at the announcements.

But lots have changed in my opinion... Especially clans.

Yeah.. a lot has changed in that 1 month you have been here, to be fair, nothing much has happened massively, the only things I can think of are CLF and RSC/RSM leaving.

Cannot forget the whole SKA crisis though.

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