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History of the Empire of DA


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3 weeks after the first case of the new virus, it managed to spread to most if not all of the world. We were part of the military before this world went to shit. Every branch that didn't go against us joined us. The US was hit hard by the infection. Just in 3 days every major city was over run; Atlanta, New York, Baltimore, Boston, Miami, L.A., D.C, and San Francisco all of them over run. Charlotte, North Carolina, was the only place not completely devastated.

24 hours till first signs of Infection in US:

The president ordered all military personnel to the borders of the US. Canada and Mexico were both shut off from the US. Helicopters and Tanks patrolled the borders as well as foot soldiers and K-9 units. The president was moved to his secret bunker with 10 of the top Secret Service agents. The Marine Corp blocked off all of Washington D.C., only about 1000 soldiers were stationed there though.

12 hours till first sign of Infection in US:

The borders on the southern side were getting an increasing amount of activity, we even had to shoot towards the on coming crowds of people to turn them around. Still haven't heard of anything in the America's but most of South America has gone silent, Mexico was one of the only countries to the south we were still in touch with.

6 hours till first signs of Infection in US:

We haven't heard a thing from Mexico in about 6 hours. Still we were getting a lot of groups of people trying to hop the border. We sent out one helicopter to scout the area 10 mile out off the border. 30 minutes after the helicopter was sent out we got word over the radio. "HOLY SHIT!!! They are fucking everywhere. The swarm is everywhere." "What are you talking about," said the man on the radio. "Nuke the fucking country, we won't survive unless you nuke the fucking country." said the pilot. We got the president on the radio and he confirmed the launch. 3 nukes were fired, enough to destroy the on on coming heard.

1 hour till first signs of Infection in US:

We lost contact with the helicopter that was over Mexico. Now the riots at our border were getting to serious to just turn people around, we had to fire on them. For almost an hour, our tanks and planes were shooting bomb after bomb at the crowds trying to turn them away. There was no use, they just kept coming.

10 minutes till first signs of Infection in US:

The crowds now were overwhelming, jumping the walls, beating our soldiers. Our soldiers were now shooting to kill, we weren't turning anyone around. They were everywhere, they would climb on to our tanks and try to get in. We started doing bomb runs, using napalm and other high explosive bombs. Cobras and Black Hawks were gunning down the crowds. Still there were so many. Cars started trying to get over, just to be blown up by our soldiers. We were fighting off as many as possible but it was only a matter of time before they over ran us.

1 minute till first signs of Infection in US:

Now the Mexican Army was at our doorsteps, arguing with us trying to get pass the border. We kept turning them away but they wouldn't leave. They actually started firing on us, but we quickly managed to take our their vehicles.

First signs of Infection in the US:

That's when we heard the sounds of running people. It was like a stampede. There were 1000's of them running at us. We fired everything we had. We managed to hold them off for about 3 minutes but it was no use. Our helicopters and planes couldn't stop the advance because of the numbers they had. Our tanks were the only ground for that couldn't be penetrated. We had set up bunkers that we had our Humvees with 50. cal. browning's set up on them. We had m240's and 249's raining hot lead into the crowds but with no avail. The Black Hawks firing their mini-guns trying to kill as many as possible. Our downfall was the fuel, at this point most of our aircraft had to return to base to refuel. Without the fire support, we lost the border in 30 seconds. They over ran our tanks, ripping off the doors and getting inside. Our trenches were flooded with the horde. We lost almost all of our military that day.

6 hours after first signs of Infection in US:

The horde quickly moved through the US. Destroying any effort by the military to slow it down. It consumed all of the US in as little as 6 hours. Cities fell, bases were loss, the last 2 cities were Charlotte and D.C. The marine corp had managed to hold off the horde for a little while but they had taken huge losses. Only 200 of the 1000 soldiers were still alive. Holding off the infection by destroying buildings making the ruble become "walls" to surround the city. Charlotte was holding out because of the walls that were made by the citizens 24 hours before the infection reacted the US. With help from near by military bases, they managed to build a wall 50 feet high and about 40 feet thick. The wall was made by any piece of scrap metal they could find, car, boats, building, etc. They had the military take over the city being lead by General Sam Thunder. Sam has been in the marine corp for 45 years, becoming one of the highest ranking soldiers in the US. He is the most decorated soldier in the Marine Corp, he even received the Medal of Honor when he was stationed in Afghanistan.

He quickly set up a form of government and set out to keep the city safe. Police were still being deployed around the city, riots were quickly killed by the military. He even started up his own radio station and Television channel telling people what to do.

36 hours after the first signs of infection in US:

D.C. had gone silent only an hour before. We were now the last standing city in the US. We tried to contact the president with no response. We had infected attacking the walls for almost 36 hours now but the haven't managed to get over the walls. Our helicopters were being deployed all over the US to extract any soldiers alive. Sam even sent out a scout party to find where the president was. CIA officials stationed in the city told us that he was somewhere in Virginia but they didn't know where. The total population in Charlotte was about 1,000,000 at this point.

1 week after first signs of Infection in US:

We had established farms and sanitary places. We had running water to all of the public. We managed to find the president bunker but there was only dead men, we couldn't ID any of them because they were eaten. We were attempting to spread to neighboring communities and towns to set up more cities, trying to rebuild. Search parties were being sent to all neighboring towns looking for survivors. The hordes were dying down and there were less attacks on the walls.

1 month after first signs of Infection in US:

We managed to take other towns, building cities back up from ashes. We had factories set up mass producing bullets and rockets for our soldiers. Oil was our only problem; we couldn't find enough to keep our tanks and planes running. We had started trying to contact other countries in Europe and Asia but couldn't get any responses. CDC was still looking for cure but with no avail. They figured out that antibiotics would slow the infection but wouldn't cure it.

1 year after first signs of Infection of US:

We had now expanded across all of eastern US and up into Canada. Other empires had been set up, New California and Mexico's Cartel. We were having small firefights with the Cartel but nothing major. Also, a rebel group had set itself up calling themselves the Hero's of the US. They weren't very strong, they didn't have the numbers or the experience to take us on. There soldiers were shooting into crowds of citizens or at our check points around the city. Suicidal bombing was also common from them. They would get into our factories and blow them up. We set up trade with the New California Empire, but we wish we could attack them. We were waiting for the right moment to take them out. Their oil was the only thing worth taking. We were the strongest empire out there from what we could tell. The infection had been mostly taken out in our empire but all of the unclaimed territory was still very much active with walkers. As we grew, so did our enemies, we weren't going to fall to them though.

//This a more descriptive back story of our empire, Updates will come soon about our actions in Chernarus to regain our former glory.

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