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Joe Woodsburry's Journal { W.I.P }

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As I created myself an interesting character to play with for myself, and maybe for others as well? I thought I would make a journal along with him, since he is a writer himself, who previously published some stories or personal views on visits to ancient or haunted places.

I am a bad writer myself so following Joe's story you will come across some grammar and spelling mistakes.

Please give me some feedback on how I could changes things and make them better. Things I should add or correct.

And also, does anyone know how I could make the Journal's format look more 'sexier' like easy to read?

P.S it's a bit behind since I still need to write about some events that already happened a few days ago.

Day 1:

I just got this letter from an anonymous person, The letter contained the following:

"Dear Joe Woodsburry,

My name is not of your concern and would like to keep that to myself, but the following might interest you. Somewhere in South Zagoria there is this country called 'Chernarus'.

In this country you will find a burned down village which is presumably haunted by the villagers who lived there. The story goes that a clerk of the church located in that village had mental issues and during a preach he had locked the doors and set the church on fire, burning every single villager in that church.

Some say the clerk made it out alive and is still roaming Chernarus, but others say he died along with the villagers. On one day it struck the news that a farmer who was driving through this villages had heard screaming people while he passed by.

Since you are such a Haunted House fanatic I would recommend you going there.

Take a look for yourself and maybe find out more about these horrors haha.

Your sincerely,


I really wonder if this is true, I am actually quite interested in this so called burned down village.

Should I go there and find out? It does sound a bit creepy, but the letter itself is written in a way which makes me shiver.

I will just sleep a couple of days about it, and see what my mind tells me.

Day 4:

I decided to book a ticket to Chernarus, I tried my best not to think about it but over the past 3 days I got even more curious. I still need to figure out where these ruins are, but I will probably have to ask some locals where it is located at.

Well, I ended up on a fishing boat.. Not as expected but at least I am getting to Chernarus.

My flight got cancelled because of the heavy weather which was expected, heavy rain and a stormy wind.

And the forecast was right, I think I just broke my record on the times I had to puke on a day.

The fishing boat was getting hit by big waves causing it to slightly tumble left and right.

As it couldn't get worse the storm brought us rain with it, forcing me to put on my rain suit and help out the sailor with some things against the rainfall.

Day 5:

Now I am in a little restaurant, but no one is there.. Guess I will have to wait a couple of minutes, maybe someone shows up, in the mean while I will expand my journal.

I woke up shivering from the cold, I quickly put on a warm sweater and went outside on the deck.

There I found the sailor standing with his binoculars, looking at my destination.. Chernarus.

We docked in the Harbor of a place called Elektrovazodsk, I took my gear and waved the sailor goodbye as we came to shore. I still recall that he looked a bit nervous, but it could've been the cold.

It was getting late while I started walking towards the center of Elektrovazodsk ( in short Elektro ), As I hit the main road my eye caught a glimpse of someone walking through an alleyway.

Now not that it is weird to see people walking but this man seemed to be walking in a strange way, like he was exhausted and resting his head on his shoulder.. and slowly moving forward.

Now I couldn't get a good look on him since he got behind a building but it certainly got me wondering.

And here I am in this empty restaurant, there is a second floor but I figure it would be rude to walk around private rooms, if there is someone up there I figure he or she would eventually come downstairs.. Oh I actually hear someone entering the building, i'll continue writ..

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