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Cannot wait to be able to play

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For a while i have tried to find GOOD servers that encourage you to roleplay or atleast don't have K.O.S in it and that you can call a 'virtual home'.

I hope by joining this server/community that I find such thing and that I will 100% enjoy playing in it aswell. I'm interested in trying many different characters out to see what kind of character fits me. I love roleplaying in games in general. I always tried to make up a good story with a couple lads in a PC game called Halo 2. I tried to become the character itself and not be a outsider of the story. was a very experience in my opinion ^^. But for now, i hope the community will welcome me here.

I hope to roleplay with you all,


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Welcome! I can already tell you will enjoy your time here as you seem nice and willing to Roleplay.

Just read the server rules, make an interesting and unique backstory and im sure you will get in no problem!

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