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  • Emerald

You know you want these skins. Also, they would be a very possible thing to find in an area where there might be peace keeping operations. Don't pay too much attention to the voice acting in the second video as that is not something I am suggesting for the DayZRP mod.



Mod can be found at:


We need these definetly:

- FDF Rapid Deployment Force Soldiers with several variations

- FDF Special Jaegers with several variations

- FDF Jaegers with several variations

- FDF pilots

- FDF AFV crews

- FDF firearms and launchers

Very realistic vehicle options from the mod:

Scania R500 (A huge ass truck.)

I also saw an SA-150 truck there (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sisu_SA-150 A nice big truck, could be a possible variation to the ural. These mod makers know how to make vehicles well)

NH90 transport helicopter (NATO helicopter, not a high priority I guess, but an option... maybe for the admins as a tool for events)

Also, I want that RK-95 and RK-62, which is the finnish version of the AK-47/AKM

There are some different versions of those weapons too.


How on earth did I manage to make a typing error in a bloody poll?

My suggestion for these skins and weapons would be to add them as a rare spawn at western heli crashes. This would be easily explained by the fact that Finland takes part in alot of peace keeping operations, humanitarian aid and surveillance in conflict areas.

Also the camo on these (especially the new 05 model clothing) is very efficient so making it a lootable skin would avoid p2w advantage.

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  • Sapphire

Awww yeahhhh +1

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  • Emerald

The thing about the trucks that are in this mod is that they are very well done and for example the Scania R500 is infact a lorry. Adding that would be a nice way to add variety. The lorry does not carry many people but I can imagine that it can be given a huge amount of storage space. Also it is something that is definetly missing from the landscape at the moment. It would not be overpowered, since it would be more likely to be a target and propably very hard to maintain.

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  • Emerald

Looks very good +1 from me

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  • Emerald

The suggestion is gaining support nicely. 29 are for it, 1 is against. However the 1 vote against the suggestion does not have a post in the thread explaining the reasons.

I would like to call for staff/developer comments on this.

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  • Emerald

Well this looks good. Hopefully it won't conflict with the other mods from DayZRP.


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