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Ban Appeal on behalf of LeSteve-PermaBan

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I am posting this on Behalf of my friend Steve.

Why the verdict is not fair: Well, I got banned from the game, aswell as the forums because I requested a GUID reset. What happened, was that in my request-post I said, that I had problems with cheatengine. I have already seen one or two reports on people having similar issues. When you have Cheat Engine open and go on DayZ, you get a BE banned on that server. And I’m not globally banned, nor BE banned on RP, I just mentioned it on the forum.

Additional statements/comments explaining your PoV (in details) : So I was playing Rome Total War 2 and I had Cheat engine on, to get more money for my empire. A friend of mine sends me that I need to come on epoch, I log in and I get BE Admin Ban #38 (which is prooven to be cheatengine, even tho you don’t use it in DayZ.) So as the Steam Autumn sale began, I saw Arma 2 CO on sale and it was pretty cheap, and I wanted a GUID reset, just to be sure because I love this community such much and didn’t want to risk a ban. I went into the Staff Help Channel, and talked to Joel, explained him my problem and asked him if I would get in any trouble. But he told me that the GUID reset might get rejected, (I even sent him a screenshot) and right after I get banned.(no offense Joel) Im not globally, Im also not banned on the RP servers, it is 1 Epoch server, and that whole thing with rome happened about 1 month ago, so I would’ve been globally banned by now if i acctually cheated.

What would you like to achieve with this appeal: Well I would love to get unbanned of course, since I love this community so much, only broke a rule once, helped on reports by providing recordings and even helped by collecting evidence to get a hacker banned. (I still have hours of recordings laying around)

What could you have done better? Well having a Cheatengine isn’t the cleverest thing, exspecially with Battleye… I was just trying to resolve this issue, to make sure I don’t get banned (which just happened) I just couldn’t believe that happened, and I was speechless Well, I should’ve probably asked someone higher in Rank, but also I didn’t wanted to talk to the admins about every little thing, because their job is hard enough already.


If I stay banned, I just want to say thank you for the awesome time I had, and all the amazing people I’ve met. Volki, SASR, Watchers and a lot of people that are not in clans. I love you all, thanks for the amazing time I had so far, and I hope I get to play with you again one day!

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After discussing this with several admins we have decided to grant this appeal. Our reasoning is as follows:

You were not banned on DayZRP, as such we have no evidence you tried to hack on our servers nor any indication of this. If you were to be yet again banned on this server because of it we would of course reinstate your permanent ban.

In addition when queried you were completely honest with us. This helped your case immensely, if you were dishonest we likely would have gone the other way.

However this aside, we will be keeping a very close eye on you. If we see anything suspicious we will re-implement the ban to protect the DayZRP servers.

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