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I really wouldn't mind a First Person only server!


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Hi guys,

I just want to know if anyone else would want this? I think it would be really good! Like a no HUD (apart from the standard DayZ food, drink etc.) Like eliminate all of the other HUD like how many bullets are in the mag.

You could replace it with the features that ACE use, for example instead of telling you how much ammo is in the mag it says how heavy the mag feels and stuff.

This would also stop people from 3rd personing over the walls and around corners allowing people who are in a good position to camp it out around a corner and get the drop on the other person.

I'm not saying get rid of 3rd Person completely, just maybe set up a different server that gives players a choice of what they want.

What are people thoughts on this?

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  • Titanium

I would love that because it isn't very practical to use first person on the regular servers if you just put yourself at a disadvantage +1

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Don't really see the point, it's hard enough with two servers, then sometimes we have three, even 4 and now the Altis life too, I don't really think its a major enough problem to bother with

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