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Hello all who are reading this! MenWithSkirts here, real name Ron and i hail from the sunny *cough* land of Scotland.

I have been playing DayZ for the past month and after getting rather sick of the lack of player interaction aside from "pew pew pew gimme yir lootz!" i found out about the DayZRP servers.

I have been a keen role-player in other games such as World Of Warcraft; Dungeons & Dragons and LotR: Online, also single player games such as TES:Oblivion and Skyrim. I believe it adds to the immersion of the game you are playing and also it's just plain more fun :D.

Hopefully see everyone in the forests and cities of Chernarus if my application is successful, so until then keep warm and try not to become infected!

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  • Sapphire

Hah, welcome man! Great username btw.

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  • Emerald

YES! A scottish person :D

Welcome :D

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