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The Oasis | The Colony [TC] [WIP] Looking for 1 - 2 more CR's.

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To understand the backstory take a look at

The Colony.


The Oasis is a safe haven for all survivors of the apocalypse. Built on a cemetery of Chernarussian pioneers and colonist it is thought that the spirits roam freely at night and protect the inhabitants from evil. It is also thought that the reason for such high levels of vegetation is from the spirits. After the colonists killed Jacob Graham they moved onto new lands. They resurrected the forgotten lands and forged them into an Oasis for survivors to reside in. The walls of the Oasis are small and weak which makes less cover for people inside. To counter that there are many bushes and trees surrounding the entire compound which makes people in the camp not very visible. It took us a year to construct the Oasis we scavenged Takistanian store and procured many carpets, market stalls, tables, pillows and other necessities. We also obtained many weapons to defend ourselves with, along with some military grade field tents and ammo boxes. After the long struggle of building the Oasis I finally opened it to the outside world because I felt it was safe enough so that no one would ever harm my people.

How to gain access

To enter the camp you simply have to give your ID to anyone at the front gate and explain why you wish to enter the camp. Your reasoning to entering the camp could simply be "I just need a place to rest" or "I came here to socialize with others." a detailed explanation is not needed.

Rules of the camp

  • Respect the camp CR's.
  • Don't Instigate a fight.
  • No "excessive" running.
  • No stealing.



Diagram of the settlement. (not exact)








Ye circle marks the spot!



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  • Sapphire

Looks good!

I recommend getting the clan off the ground first, and then improving the thread, a video might be nice!

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Looks really nice but I think more pictures and a deeper back story would make it even better.

Indeed, I didn't even mean to post it so early :( I'll have it done by tonight.
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Looks really nice, do you plan on running it as a settlement with CR rules with other clans or just a chill place to rest in?

It will have rules I'm still working on them though, Thank you.
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Very nice the little map with the KEY is very helpful as well.

Settlement doesn't look OP at all, you have my support. :)

Edit: Might want to expand a bit on the backstory how ever.

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Very nice the little map with the KEY is very helpful as well.

Settlement doesn't look OP at all, you have my support. :)

Edit: Might want to expand a bit on the backstory how ever.

Thank you!
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  • Emerald

I really like the looks of this. However, I would suggest that you lessen the use of straight lines and strict cubism.

I especially love the use of trees, but my suggestion would be to break the lines with some pinetrees, losing some of the current trees and arranging the remaining ones a bit more organically.

Also, a settlement produces waste and garbage. Maybe add garbage piles behind the settlement...

Another suggestion: add more room for vehicles to turn, Arma vehicles are not the best when it comes to handling. Also... The current gates will not allow vehicles to pass easily. There will be alot of problems.

Maybe add another passage for pedestrians and widen the current gates.

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  • Legend

A very original and different concept for a Camp!! Very well done! I wish the best of luck for you and your clan :D

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Looks neat but I'd rather see more settlements and camps on the west side of the map and near the south coast.

You mean like this location?

To OP:

Looks interesting, but i have to agree with Othuyeg, mix the trees up a bit, it just doesn't look natural like it is.

Also, maybe change the stone gate at the car park to a wooden one(the one with the barbed wire)?

And why are there sandbags inside the camp, wouldn't some wooden fence fit more? Like this one or this one here?

And maybe you should chack the objects again, i've seen a wooden boards pack glitching inside the barn.

Also, a basic suggestion for the Arma-Editor:

Never build on the side of hills, it either looks strange when everythin is leaning to a side or it causes problems if you use setvector.

Otherwise, keep it going, i really like the look of it.

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