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Guest Vendetta

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Guest Vendetta

These pass few months have been brilliant I have met some of the coolest people and Had some amazing times and an amazing experience, But I guess Its time to say goodbye to all of you .

Thanks Rolle For the Experience what you provided and I hope the best for this community.

Rampage/Professor You are one of the nicest people I have met and I wont forget you.

Fidor Anderson - Us to had some good laughs It was brilliant playing with you I might pop by on the TS ;)

LordVincent - Vince you are probably the person on RP I love playing with the most, some of times at haven they were fun.

BrotherHood - You gave me my best experiences on DayZRP and when you guys are back tell me.

Karl - You better Catch them Bloody Pokemon

But for now farewell , I will be back hopefully.

Thanks to the Admins/GM's for everything.

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  • MVP

Goodbye. Shame Brotherhood's disbanded... I liked this clan :(

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It was a pleasure, whether it was in Fourfive or the Watchers it was great knowing you. Hope you come back. Either way let's play some bf4. Don't be a stranger, hop in our TS from time to time

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  • Legend

Cya m8....Loved the Early days in the Watchers with you! Do nto be a stranger and come into our Teamspeak once in a while!

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