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You find an Old Bible on the floor with a few notes on the inside

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Day: 01

Date: Unknown

Estimated Time: 21:00

ID: Nico Kakoulli


This day has gone horrible...i guess i'm writing out in this old book hoping the lord will give me some sort of answer, Worth a shot.

I arrived here in this god forsaken place to find myself waking up in some castle? how i got here is unknown i feel like I was been drugged or hell even hypnotized the only thing i know i had to get up and try look for some form of civilization.

I ran quite a while nothing, where the hell i was going is just beyond me the houses are empty and there are just wrecked cars everywhere i go the only form of human "Life" are shallow corpses aimlessly wandering the streets with no utter emotion? Where ever those roads ended up i hoped it just took me to something better than this.

Altar Castle that's what the stranger said anyway called himself "Ghost" heck i guess we all needed a new name when the sh*t hit the fan, he was a kind guy his intentions were unknown on why he'd help me at all...i had nothing to offer in return other than provide another body in his group, i guess he knew what i was going through but that isn't the point.

We both ended up in a place called Stari Sobor, sounded like i drifted away to a pretty far place from The UK that's for sure but anyway we looted the area of the remains of an old military aid site just trying to find medicines, food and even weapons if need be although i was new to this whole end of the world situation it turned out that these "Zombies" wasn't the only problem in the lil slice of hell.

Ghost explained to me that there were groups of survivors still around this place made tribes or "Clans" in order to survive out here, he pointed out that there were good guys and bad guys which kinda make me feel like i was in some stupid action movie but hell it was real after his lecture towards clans we bumped into another survivor, a local i think only gave me the name "Nikolai" but he let me call him Niko which was kind of trusting in a way.

Stari Sobor was more dangerous than i thought, the "Zeds" as i came to call them form packs or even hordes kind of like they've adopted their primal instinct to hunt i mean you know what they say, Strength in numbers and all. Well the point of that little explanation was me and Nikolai was exploring what was left of the medical tents we got over run and i lost him the only words i heard was "Leave me now!" i just hope he's okay...

Day: 2

Date: Still Unknown

Estimated Time: 11:00

ID: Nico Kakoulli


I split off from Ghost, haven't seen him since he took a nap in altar castle but i did bump into another bunch of people, a much larger group that called themselves "KGB" it seemed their intentions towards me was unsure at first but i grew to be good friends with them.

I spent the entire day with KGB exploring "Chenaraus" which i found out on a old map me and my good friend Zeke split off into a small team hoping to find more supplies by splitting up and travel around faster.

Day: 2

Date: Unknown

Estimated Time: 18:00

ID: Nico Kakoulli


Splitting up was the worst idea performed...Me and Zeke was searching Electrozavodsk and found a car, Finally some form of transport but as we returned north to return to our friends we was pulled over by some strange bunch, Zeke Recognized they were formed of three of these "Clans" but only knew one of them by their Emblem on their arm he referred to them as Al-Takizh he told me they were okay with KGB so we would've been good, That wasn't the case.

Rounded up and stripped of our equipment we was forced to listen to these people's accusations of why they were doing this, that they were on some form of "Mission" for the people, Yeah right.

The Al-Takizh unsure & Hesitant but clearly knew what was going to take place they looked as if they really didn't want any part of it, Scared of something which gave me the gut wrenching feeling i was going to see the end of my journey.

The Al-Takizh left with our car after 15 minutes of bickering between the other two clans and that's when i knew this has falling down one path. They tortured Zeke and emotionally blackmailed me into thinking my dear friend and what i'd like to call brother did not care of what was going to happen, They handed me an axe and offered Zeke the same option we had to kill each other if we wanted to live. I begged the ring leader to take me instead so Zeke can try and seek some sort of help with our friends on to get these guys back but no avail, Zeke told me to carry on through we me executing him so i took the axe and gave him a quick nod.

I blunted the blade of the axe pretending it was dull and that i was sharpening it to kill Zeke faster but instead I'd be knocking him into a sort of coma if you will, something similar to death but not visible to the untrained person turns out these guys were a bit dumber than i thought. I hit Zeke twice over the neck, had to make it kind of close but nothing to severe soon as i won my freedom from these lunatics i could try and perform a medical procedure Well i guess i'l let you know on how that went in my next entry.

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