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Mic not working in game + More.

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So I recently upgraded my Mobo (which i assume is the problem for both issues)and now my in game mic isnt working. It works on teamspeak and skype and all, but not in ANY game (Not sure if only steam). When i speak, nothing comes out IG. Tried for CS:GO, ARMA 2, Garrys mod ect...

2nd problem is that since my new mobo, my TS hot keys aint working. Not at all. When i click my hot-keys in game or out of the game, it does nothing.

Anyone know any fixes for these?

my mobo is MSI 970A-G46 with and AMD fx-8520 CPU and sapphire 7970 GPU.

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I had the exact same problem man, If you have Windows 7 or 8 then try this:

Right click the volume changer on the bottom right of your screen.

Click on "Recording Devices".

Right click the microphone you are meant to be using in-game.

Click on "Set as Default Device"

Once that is done try and use your mic in-game, If that hasn't worked let me know and I'll try and find another answer to this question.

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I had this problem on Island life.

If Pandi's way doesn't work then I suggest you try this.

Go to your library in steam

Right click on operation arrowhead and select the local files tab

Then verify integrity of game cache

Not sure why but I did this in Island life and it fixed it.

Also further more you need the exact same beta version as the server to use your mic also running your game in administrator mode may help.

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