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Brotherhood leaves

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  • Emerald

Brotherhood departs from DayZRP

We have decided it is best that we end the story of Brotherhood. We have no motivation to play on DayZRP.

I have applied and joined CSR around March. First person I've met was Vasily. Then Schultz and Ben. The three of us were on the verge of joining CLF as CSR was inactive, but we waited it out. CSR got huge quickly with Checkmate, Lemonade, Jonesy, Smile, Paul, James, Skippy, Drillr and a lot of other people during April/May. The older CSR members felt that there were too many new people, and so decided to leave and disband CSR.

We thought for some time what kind of clan we would like to have. Religious/political clans we felt were too restrictive. We also didn't like leadership, so that was scrapped for whatever clan we would make. The end idea was a group of friends, who do anything in this apocalypse to survive. No alliances, no restrictions. This provided a lot of different and varied RP opportunities for us.

Brotherhood was made on the 25th of May, 2012. We felt unbeatable. Did what we wanted, nobody could stop us apart from one or two biggest groups. Summer was the peak of our activity. Had lots and lots of firefights everyday, with CLF, S-GRU, SVR and others.

Once Autumn came, people had to go to school or were just getting bored of DayZ. We started being inactive. As there wasn't many of us playing, we decided the best chance to save Brotherhood was to have some alliances. We formed an alliance between us, NRF and the Dragons. Started getting active again, however not for long. When NRF built Caprile, we were very interested in it as it would be something new for us.

Once Caprile was implemented, we were active again. However, we weren't satisfied by the events that followed. NRF wanted more alliances to help protect Caprile, but we felt more and more restricted by what we can and can't do in Chernarus. Remembering the great times we had during the Summer with no allies, we ended the alliance with NRF.

Started playing like we used to again. And then stopped, like we did before.

This is it for Brotherhood, at least for now.

We thank you for putting up with us, our robberies and firefights.

See you on AltisRP and other game servers!

If people want it, I can upload the Brotherhood clan page Photoshop file.

Also, we will give hints to where the Brotherhood wall is located. Find it, and you will get some of our gear, including 2x Ghillie, SVD, SVU and more!


The Brothers:



















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o7 brothers, had some awesome RP with you guys and it was a pleasure working with brotherhood back in NRF!

Sorry yet again for blowing up your little bird <3

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  • Sapphire

o7 Guys! You will be missed - wish I seen your roleplay. :(

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*Mark walden sits down besides the sheep and gives it a pat on the head, he looks up to the sky and sighs, then pulls the trigger*

// Brotherhood will or will not be back whenever but if we are back, we will make sure to come after YOU first. ;)

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  • Legend

What do you exactly mean with "the hood"? :D


Well, i miss the CSR times around March, when I joined and April when I left. I'll miss you guys you where a

Good clan.. See ya

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  • MVP

Farewell, I personally believe you folks earned respect of many community members(and mine as well) as solid,proper roleplaying bandits. At least that's my impression of you, although I remember having bumps with you (very old formals with NLR and more or less personal shizzle dating even back to CSR/Brotherhood days when I was a GM)but it went all smooth in end and I can't now recall anything bad about you as a whole. You guys were solid.

I wish you best out there.

See you on Altis? ;)

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  • MVP

Damn, that's a lot of names. :(

I never interacted with you much, but I know a fair few that did, and they almost always spoke positivly about you. So it'll sure be a loss for the community.

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  • Emerald

It may be a lot of names, but not all of them are leaving. I had this in the general discussion, but it was moved to joining/leaving so it seems like all the names are of the people leaving DayZRP as a whole, which isn't true.

The people mentioned are loyal, true brothers.

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  • MVP

You guys were there first people I ever met in DayZRP, instantly robbed me and kidnapped me xD

I fondly remember sending a Rolle armed with a grenade after you when we bought him as IRA too, that was probably one the best moments I've had the server.

o7 and see you on AltisRP!

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  • Sapphire

I met you a few times in game, first was in Stary Sobor by the military tents. Last was at my time in NRF. It was nice to roleplay with you. Good luck to you all.

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  • Emerald

Oh God, the memories. We've been playing together (while not always as Brotherhood) for a year now.

Can't wait to make new memories though.

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  • Emerald

Good times in Brotherhood with NRF robbing all the loot after WE had won the firefights ;)

Love you guys


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