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Ban appeal for James Jacobs

Guest jamesjacobs

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Guest jamesjacobs

First of all, this isn't my normal account. My main forum account has been banned (marcojacobs) without a single clue, so I made this second one from a friends computer.

Link to report : Nothing

Why the verdict is not fair : I wanted to login today to play some DayzRP and I got the message that i wasn't whitelisted. So i got to the forums and I see that i am global banned? I have no idea what I did wrong since I didn't got banned the day before yesterday and I didn't got any reports on my name?

Additional statements/comments explaining your PoV (in details) : I have no clue why i'm banned. I talked to a few helpers and they told me that my cd-key is probally stolen, but it's still weird since my cd-key isn't globally banned.

What would you like to achieve with this appeal : Hope to be able to play again since this is quite weird.

What could you have done better? /

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Guest jamesjacobs

I talked to a GM and told me that I was banned because I tried to login with a banned GUID.

I infact have a steam account with a banned copy of arma OA on it, but I bought that steam account from a person 1/2years ago for a copy of CS.

I could email battleye about it but they won't help i think, since it's isn't originally my account. If the person indeed hack on the account, how am I responsibly for that?

I normally play trough the DayzRP launcher but I started it trough Dayz Commander, which apperently used steam to launch Dayz (And steam automatically changes the cdkey from the steam account).

I hope i'm not getting punished for somebody elses hacking, if you want I could upload evidence where needed. I'm not sure if I still get the skype conversation with the person I bought from, but maybe I can recover it back.

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It is your responsibility to not be in possession with a global banned account. In a lot of cases people claim that their CD key was stolen, but we need them to provide proof that it was infact not themselfes who were hacking. Same counts for this.

It's your responsibility if you buy the game from somebody else, that it's not globally banned. How are we suppose to know it's not you telling a lie, because you were caught hacking in normal DayZ?

Like everyone else, you need to proof that it wasn't you hacking. Best luck is to try and contact BattlEye.

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OP has been given ample time to respond to this and has failed to do so.


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