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Shadow Play, Quick Question.

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Hey Everyone, I've been using shadow play for quiet awhile now, I was wondering if anyone else uses it, And if you do use it, Have you worked out how to record your own voice in TS,Skype or ingame?

I have to use fraps when playing DayZRP due to the fact that if something goes wrong and I record using shadow play, My POV is basically useless as it only records what I hear and what I say. Seeing as the only option it currently has for Audio recording is an " Ingame " setting or nothing I was wondering if there was perhaps a file you could edit or something similar to that.

On a side note, Shadow play is great to use if you don't intend on recording your voice, say if you wanted to commentate over the top of it. I can basically play DayZ at max frames while recording, and hit 1 button, lag for all of 2 seconds as the file is written to my HDD then be ready to play perfectly again, So I'd reccomend checking it out if you have a Nvidia GPU.

It's also free. :P

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I do not think Shadowplay can record your own voice so I suggest recording with fraps or downloading Audacity, with audacity you can record your own voice and save it as an mp3 file that you can mix with the video you recorded using shadowplay.

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Microphone should also work in the latest update (it didn't in the previous ones). If you've updated to the latest version you can just click audio and select that the microphone should also be picked up. I'm not at home now, so I can't show a screenshot, but I noticed it was there when checking the updates.

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