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Sydney Australia - Best zombie game you will ever play


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If you're in Sydney, check out this real-life zombie shooter/RPG game that's coming soon:



Tickets go on sale in 10 days via Pozible (like kickstarter):


I live in Melbourne, but I'll be booking flights to come up for it :D

The cost will be worth it ;)

I played it last year in Melbourne during their premiere, and it was fucking amazing - closest thing to the zombie apocalypse you'll find (besides this, maybe).

The "level" was put together by TV/Film set design guys, so it looked awesome, real and was as creepy as fuck.

The creepy ambient sounds, the awesome lighting (doesn't show up well on the videos, but was amazing in person), the zombie-infested nursery, rotting experiment subjects, endless dark hiding spots for zombies, and mutated corpses really put you on edge too.

The enemies and NPC's were all actors with film-quality costumes and make-up. The NPC's all played their characters really well, the angry drill-sergeant stereotype intro shocked you right into the RP environment, then civilian and military survivors had their own back-stories if you cared to interrogate them, or would just play along with your execution if you rushed through their sections.

Obviously with thousands of players going through the game, you couldn't actually be pelting the actors with actual projectiles... so they used laser-tag tech. It seemed really accurate through, and apparently the actors had ear-pieces that let them know if they'd been leg-shot, arm-shot, head-shot, etc... so they always seemed to have appropriate "death animations" ;)

The guns were replica M4's, actual weight and with a real holographic sight on top -- my arms were killing me for days after an hour of combat.

Having the zombies charge at you gave me an adrenalin rush that lasted days. At one point, the "final boss" (a 2m tall 1m wide mega mutant zombie, impervious to our 5.56mm rounds) charged me, but as soon as I'd run to safety, a military zombie (armored, so headshots to kill only) jumped out and smashed me from behind. I almost fell on my ass and shit myself at the same time, and very nearly smashed the zombie in the temple with my gun!

Watching my team-mates execute the pleading survivors due to risk of infection, rather than trying to escort them to an exit, actually put a lump in my throat when trying to explain this in a status-report back to HQ over the radio.

I was the team-leader, which meant carrying a proper radio to keep in contact with HQ, who were watching us over CCTV, giving us intel and orders, which made the situation seem way more real.

As well as the team objectives, in the run-up to the event, individual team-members were mailed out secret intelligence and orders, asking them to complete their own secret objectives in order for personal advancement at the cost to the team. Watching my head-cam footage afterwards, I noticed a team-mate picking up a vial of the virus and hiding it in his vest...

The level had secret areas as well as these secret objectives, key-cards and puzzles, like you'd expect from a video game :)

All the down-sides from the original Melbourne event that I hated, seem to have been fixed for the Sydney version, which is awesome:

- The original guns were compromised, because border-control/customs intercepted and confiscated a lot of their replica M4 parts... Because of this, they didn't have any recoil at all, and had to use an electronic speaker to create the 'bang' sound effects.

+ The new guns are now gas powered, so they actually have recoil and a loud, mechanically-produced 'bang'.

- The original guns had a reload button, and near unlimited ammo.

+ The new guns have removable magazines with limited ammo, so you can now share mags with your team-mates, you can now find extra mags in the level, or scavenge them off dead enemies.

- The original version had a 'health' system, but it was hard to tell when you were actually being damaged. Because of this, they actually made it so you couldn't 'die', and health was basically just a score at the end.

+ The new 'pain belt' can either vibrate when you're being hurt, or give you a full on shit-your-pants electric shock if you opt-in to the hardcore mode. Player death/infection is now part of the game, with one member of your squad playing as the Medic class, who'll be able to revive 'dead' players.



"Pain belt" player damage test:


My cut down playthrough from last year, low res and very dark unfortunately...


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  • Sapphire

Looks good, I live in the Sydney suburbs, might have to do it.

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  • Emerald

If you live in the UK there was a shopping center where they used to have zombie events with airsoft guns. Not sure if it is still around though as the shopping center was scheduled for demolition this year and that was when they said they'd stop.

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  • Sapphire

I was is in comic-con last year and they had something similar to this.

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  • Sapphire

I was is in comic-con last year and they had something similar to this.

I think I saw that on youtube... Where you run though the complex, avoiding zombies? I hear it was good if you didn't get touched by them, but otherwise it was pretty unrealistic and dull.

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  • Sapphire

I was is in comic-con last year and they had something similar to this.

I think I saw that on youtube... Where you tun though the complex, avoiding zombies? I hear it was good if you didn't get touched by them, but otherwise it was pretty unrealistic and dull.

Yeah, it was interesting when military dressed guys escorted you places. As you say, if you got touched they would kind of just stroke you.

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  • Sapphire

This looks so cool, I wish I could come!

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I remember hearing about this, I also believe that this is one of the most successful kickstarter programmes of all time if I recall correctly.

Yeah it was the most successful Pozible campaign, raising a 1/4 of a million dollars -- they sold the first round of tickets on there, and then the rest later on their website.

This time in Sydney their aiming to break that record by raising $1M on pozible with early ticket sales.

If anyone's interested, it might be worth checking out the early Pozible sale -- in the last one, you could get tix for $100 on Pozible, but afterwards they went up to $120.

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Hopefully they come to brisbane

I think their plan is to do it as a tour around different cities, and even overseas.

This is only their second 'show' though, so they're still working everything out.

When does it usually take place? I am in NZ and may actually be interested in coughing up some cash.

They're going to announce the actual dates on the 16th, same time when tickets go up for sale.

All they've said so far is that it will be "Mid 2014".

Last time the 'show' ran for 3 months -- after you bought tickets, you could work out what day/time in that period you wanted to play, and then book in for a particular time-slot. The time slots were hourly, from about 8am til midnight 7 days a week IIRC...

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