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Father Sergei Ryzhkov, the 27th motor division's chaplain was frequently ordered to perform final blessings along with the "mercy" killings that were doomed to follow when a comrade was bitten or infected, today was the last time he would be pushed to do this.

Sergei coughed violently into a creased handkerchief, he stumbled out the torn netting in the doorframe, 3 soldiers, kneeling and restrained. Blood stained patches and gouges either at their arms or their necks recently bitten, soon to turn.These soldiers were not fighters, they were boys no older than 17, volunteers at the start of the outbreak as it leaked into russians countryside.2 dealt with, he hated his job but he couldn't stop as it was his duty as a priest and a russian. He spoke from the bible and raised his sidearm, the boy sobbed and begged... Sergei hesitated and removed his finger from the worn down trigger.He scratched his old overgrown stubble with his spare hand. The weeping teen hadn't been bitten, there were no marks or no torn clothes, nothing. Sergei gestured at the boy whilst facing a superior.

"Do it father!" the officer boomed

"He isn't bitten" Sergei yelled back "I kill boys, teenagers on a regular basis officer, I am a priest not a goddam executioner! an infected soldier is the limit, this man is not!"

The officer raised his sidearm and pulled the trigger, the boy lay dead amongst the other two.

Father Ryzhkov did the same, the officer fell back against the blood splattered wall and he ran, he ran as fast and as far as he could, shouts came from the military controlled village followed by a hail of random shots, one or two whizzed past him as he ran. Pistol still in hand, his cross flailing around his neck by a small silver links and a bible clutched close to his heart

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  • Emerald

Wow that was really good! You should keep working with this.

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