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Extract from the diary of Dima Karmov.

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Guest SmilingBumcheek

Dima's story part 1:

When I awoke I seen what I expected,

after what I had done in my previous days it came as no shock to me.

None the less here I was staring down the barrel of a gun. I did not know

this man but I can assure you he knew me.I just assumed I hurt someone

close to him, I was very good at that. I knew what came next I wasn't shocked

by this series of events. I just closed my eyes lay back onto the trunk of

the tree and waited...

One loud bang and my body drifted into to a state of total numbness I felt nothing,

heard nothing, seen nothing. But then I realised there was no flashing light, no visions

of my past. I opened my eyes gasping, looking towards my feet as feeling was coming

back to my body. They I seen something that did shock me! Lying perpendicular to me

in a pool of deep red blood, the body of my foe. I looked around but my vision was

blurred due to my utter shock. I tried getting to my feet and stumbled backward

past the tree. I kept pushing myself backward wondering if this was all a dream

and I was actually dead. Then my had slipped and before I knew it I was falling,

tumbling down a grassy hill towards the small lake just below where I set camp.

I hit the ground with a thud! Then everything went dark for a while. I opened my

eyes to see three pairs of legs before me. I looked up, blinking hard as my vision

came back into focus. Three masked people stood before me all with an extremely

menacing look about them. After a moment of me staring at them the centre man pushed

his weapon to his side and offered me a hand to me feet, reluctantly I accepted

his offer.

When I got to my feet they said nothing just stared for a short while before

signalling me to follow them and retreating into the dense woods were just a couple

of minutes ago I thought would be the finale of my story.

We got through the wooded area and they stopped at the tree line right before an

open field. One of them turned to me and as I looked I noticed the other two were

gone, they were there one moment and gone the next like ghosts or something.

Then it looked like the one that was still here was about to speak but before I

heard anything I sharp pain started in the back of my head and everything went dark.

I woke up in pitch black and could only feel a soft rumbling. Moments after I awoke

the rumbling stopped. Then a car door opening and closing, footsteps approached me,

I was in a car trunk! The trunk clicked as it opened and a blinding sliver of light

shot directly into my, I closed them and when I reopened them there was the same three

masked men. They took a pace back and I assumed this was an invitation to get out.

One of them handed me a rifle as I found my balance after leaving the trunk.

I hesitated a bit but took the offer non the less. Finally one spoke. All he

said was 'If you want.' I was puzzled at first but then he handed me a mask.

he spoke again, 'We have been watching you for weeks. You have potential,

you can come with us or leave now. Your choice.'

I can only assume that I looked like I was listening but I wasn't all I could

think about was 'her'. They said they have been watching me for weeks.

How many weeks? Do they know about her? It was still my sole purpose to find her!

How long would I be with these men if I did accept the offer? Would they help me

find her?

I guess I would have to choose now. Finally I thought 'fuck it!' I took the mask he

had been holding for almost five minutes now. 'Lets go!'

Now I had allies I wasn't alone! I could keep searching for her!

I thought to myself. 'I'm going to find you! No matter what it takes.

If you have the time to read it I would love some feed back.



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