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Valley of Panthera

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This is a short story I wrote in response to an experience I had in DayZ last year. I'm probably average at writing. I'm not sure why I wrote this to be honest, I guess I just felt like writing something. Anyway I've read through it again and touched it up a little bit. Maybe somebody will enjoy it - who knows! I'd be interested to see what people though of it.

I couldn't tell you what time I had awoken in my tent, I had previously smashed my watch yesterday after a zombie tackled me to the floor. Looking at the sun, I would expect it was around ten o'clock. I cracked open an unwelcoming, warm, can of Pepsi and a nice canteen of beans to fuel my day. It was time for me to carry on trekking through this mysterious valley. I still had no map, I had no clue where I was, the signs were in a foreign language and I hadn't met another survivor in days. My instincts told me to travel through the valley until I found some sort of civilization. I picked up my camp along with my almost empty Bison and my last clip of ammunition for my M9SD, I threw my alice pack over my shoulder and started walking.

After 5 minutes of trudging through bushes and trees in the dense valleys of Panthera, I could smell burning. I looked around to see smoke up ahead between a few of the tall spruce trees! I started to jog towards the smoke, as I got closer I could make it out - a helicopter. Crashed into a huge metal silo, it was some sort of machine facility with concrete walls, some tin sheds and some giant metal cylinders protruding out of the ground. I wasn't sure how the helicopter crashed, but it teared some of the giant trees out on it's decent before embedding itself into the silo. There were half a dozen walkers standing around. One by one they noticed my presence and began to run towards me. I pulled my Bison up to my cheek and picked them off with six impeccable shots to the brain. The helicopter didn’t have any loot at all, there wasn't even any bodies in sight. I presumed that another survivor had been here previously.

I proceeded on with my journey. I passed through several small villages, a zombie here and there but no sign of life. Soon after, I came to a small, city? There were tall office buildings, a hospital and several apartment blocks - 12 buildings at most. I went to the hospital first, the windows were still in tact. I could see the boxes full of supplies sitting patiently behind the glass. I peered into the guard post to see a Lee Enfield laying on the floor in its rusty mess. I threw my bison down, I had little ammo left and it was a pathetic weapon at best. I trusted the Enfield, so I slipped it onto my shoulder and wandered back over to the hospital before ramming it's barrel through one of the windows. I pushed the shards of glass down with a few more shoves of the Enfield's stock until I could get in. I took all the painkillers I could carry, a couple of blood bags, some bandages and a few morphine injections - just to be safe. I left the small, abandoned city and resumed my trek through the valley.

My stomach started to rumble in my body from hunger. My food supply was scarce, but I didn’t realize until I looked in my backpack that I had no food left - only drinks. I checked each building I came across for the next couple of villages, nothing. There was no food to be found and by this time, I was starving. I had several walkers following me now, I didn’t want to stop and shoot every zombie in each village, I’d waste so much ammunition and the loud Enfield shots would roll off the valley, only to attract more.

I walked into another village, this one was a bit larger than the rest. There was a bridge crossing over to another side of the valley and the water under the bridge was low, there were two paths and I had to decide which one to take. This choice could determined whether I would eat today. But with no knowledge to base my decision off, I took the plunge and crossed the bridge. Just as I turned the corner I came face to face with another survivor. We both turned a quarter of a circle whilst watching each other, I didn’t have time to look at his gun since I had the zombies close behind me but he was holding some sort of western rifle. The man saw the Enfield in my hands aiming in his direction, I saw him look up into my eyes - he knew I would have shot him a new asshole. Quickly, the man shouted “Friendly, I’m friendly” and carried on running past me, looking back to make sure I didn’t shoot, as I did the same. After we were around thirty feet away from each other I turned around to face my destination again. Looking back on the situation, I should have asked him if he had any food, but the zombies made things too complicated to stop and have a chin wag.

I followed the road on the other side of the bridge and continued checking the houses in the village. I finally found some food, and a lot of it. One of the houses had four or five cans of pasta, beans and sardines. I packed all of it, I was wise to stock up while I could.

I had been walking for a handful of hours now and I was growing tiresome. The road started to get wider and wider and eventually it opened out into a wide area with the stream cutting through the middle of the land. Trees and shrubs dotted the hills, and there were two roads, one followed the edge of the mountains and the other towards the trees. It was foggy and I was unable to see very far ahead, I walked down the side of the road for a while until I suddenly stopped still. I could faintly hear the whirring of helicopter blades slicing through the mist. I looked through the trees but couldn’t see anything - it was too foggy. Carefully, I carried on walking, but I was cautious to the fact that a helicopter could shoot down on me at any moment. The noise was getting progressively louder as I walked further. Until I realized it was a biplane!

I could see the plane lodged in a tree just at the end of a concrete runway, I had found an air strip! I jogged forwards and as I got closer, the buildings and walls around the air strip came into sight. I went to move my Enfield onto my shoulder strap, but as I did, I caught sight of a man in the air control tower. I swung my rifle back into my hands, pressed the stock against my cheek and saw he was aiming at me. I could sense this man was going to shoot me, so I quickly jumped behind one of the trees close by. As I moved, he fired a handful of rounds at me. With my back pressed against the tree, I strafed around to the right and as he came back into sight, I shot a bullet straight through his neck. His lifeless body fell from over the railing and pelted into the ground below in a heap.

I ran over to his body quickly to see what he had that I could use before zombies, or worse - bandits following the sound of gunshots. I rolled his body over just as a bandit ran round the corner. I quickly maneuvered around the wall as he started to fire. I swooped back around the wall with my Enfield at head height, took a shot and my gun jammed. Instantly, I ran the opposite way around the building and threw the gun down while simultaneously pulling out my M9SD with its last magazine. I peered around the corner to see him laid on the grass next to some bushes. I waited for a moment, until I decided I should try to catch him off guard since he was better equipped. I ran out from the corner towards him, jumping from side to side. He shot a few times and I managed to evade them. I sprung through the bush and shot my entire clip into his body. The life drained from his wounds as I crouched down next to him in his last moments.

I pulled his AK74-Kobra from his hands. It had a sight, four magazines of ammunition and an extended stock. Looking in his pockets, I found a compass, a map - finally, some steak and a pair of binoculars. I got up and had a brief look around. As I turned, I noticed a man in a ghillie suit running towards me from across the airstrip, he had three zombies behind him. I had to decide quickly what to do. I didn’t know this man, he was armed and had zombies chasing him. What if he was friends with the other two bandits? I aimed my rifle up and took a volley of shots at him. He fell to the floor with a broken leg and the zombies quickly finished him off. Moments later, I could hear the faint sound of a helicopter in the air and it was approaching fast. I started running towards the forest line. The airstrip was too dangerous, so I decided to carry on my journey through the woodlands. I covered a small amount of ground until I was a far enough away from the airfield and set up my camp for the night. What an eventful day.

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  • Sapphire

Well written! Well done Krimbo! :D

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A very good well written piece. It had the sort of action you don't really get from a DayZRP story, so it made a welcome change.

This makes me want Panthera RP even more. :(

Well written! Well done Krimbo! :D

Nice piece Krimbo, another great written work.

Want more plox

Wow thanks guys, I honestly wasn't expecting anybody to enjoy it.

I may write more about some of my interesting DayZrp adventures next time.


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