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Ban appeal on behalf of Slinky

Guest nathanmccormick

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Guest nathanmccormick

(This is just a paste of what he put on pastebin)

Link to report : http://www.dayzrp.com/t-formal-rp2-bad-rp-trolling-altar-28-11-2013-22-40?pid=439048#pid439048

I understand that apologies don't work for getting unbanned. So I will appeal the ban where I feel cheated.

Why the verdict is not fair: I'm being accused of badRP, by initiating via text. I can't record due to my bad FPS, you had I to use text... It's not like they didn't know my voice as I spoke in VOP while RP'ing with random camp members... But I can't initate via voice if I don't record, so as I said, text only... That makes sense? I didn't abuse any IG mechanics...?

As for this RDM, I have no clue...

'If you change skins or otherwise conceal your identity you immediately lose all previously gained KoS/Revenge rights.'

I never changed skin or concealed my identity.

When I entered the camp I gave ID, I also spoke in VOP, they know my voice and my name, then for the initiation via text they see my name, and because they have my ID, they can put that name, to match my voice. Thus meaning when I came back to kill the men they'd know it was me. It sounds complex, but it really isn't.

I honestly feel extremely cheated by all of this.

'You had no KoS rights to start with because of this you had none when you came back. You logged out you left the scene. You lost control of it. You would of had to re-initiate correctly to have the rights to kill people when you came back.'

How did I have no KoS rights to start with? I initiated, and they didn't comply. That grants me with KoS rights... I didn't log, I got DC'd the logs show it. I don't have to reinitiate when I come back because I had kos rights for 2 hours.

Additional statements/comments explaining your PoV (in details):


I'm not able to record.

Wasn't RDM as I didn't conceal my identity, and I gained KoS rights when they chose not to comply.

Wasn't abusing Ingame mechanics 'cause I can't record.

I really can't see how it's me abusing any mechanics tbh, as they had enough IC info from the initiation, (my voice, what I looked like my ID) for when I initiated via text to know it was me, I also initiated from a hidden location. I think the abusing game mechanics was a miss understanding... as I do all my initiations via text, incase of reports so I have proof I did initiate.

What would you like to achieve with this appeal: Removal of both bans. As what I did was within the rules.

What could you have done better?: Got a friend to record it?

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After reviewing the facts of the case we have decided that the original ban was not in error. The facts of the case demonstrate an obvious and undeniable attempt to break the rules or a complete lack of knowledge of them. For this reason and the fact that you did a sufficient amount to get you permanently banned in a single day this appeal is denied.

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