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The Story of Kanen K9 Crisis.[Love FeedBack]


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// This is my story of what has happened to me so far in DayZ RP and i would like to share it with you lot I will add more as i progress on with my journey in DayZ RP and i really hope you can excuse my grammar errors and let me know if you enjoyed reading it.

Chapter 1 The Beginning

Lets start from the beginning of when the life of a man named Kanen Crisis started to turn for the more interesting sides of things instead of being is boring plain old usual life that it was. Kanen was a IT Technician who lived on the land of Podagorsk for a better work opportunity than the one he had in Chernerus. By leaving Chernerus he left behind his Mother his Father and his Brother who took the news not so well was struck with pain when he found out the news that he was moving away.

2 Months have passed from when he moved away and he was at work when he heard there was an emergency broadcast on TV. People of the world this is a global announcement the world as we speak is falling apart we ask you to stay inside your houses barricade your doors and not move from your houses until the situation is safe and you have heard other wise don't be afraid don't go outside as it is not safe and you will die!

Straight after the announcement he hears screams from the street "HELP ME PLEASE! PLEASE CAN SOMEONE HELP ME!" Kanen Quickly runs to his front window and peaks through the blinds to see his next door neighbor stood still in the middle of the street calling for help. Kanen thought to himself. "what should i do i have been told to barricade my house and stay in doors, but she looks deeply terrified" then his attention snapped on to the women as she Screams! with a Howl so loud that you would not be able to notice it, He is quick to notice her shouting "Mark No Please No!" as her husband pounces on her and takes chunks of her body and out of her neck without even hesitating to do so. Kanen just steps backwards and walks towards his door and bolts up the lock terrified and scared at what he just saw and goes and sits in his chair and turns on the local news station hoping to get some sort of understanding of what just happened.

Chapter 2 The Outbreak

Local news 10 here bringing you the mass message and the outbreak in the world with all the information that you will need to know, People believe some scientists have injected the local meat produce in supermarkets with there biological drug that can bring people back to life, you may think this sounds good but they have accidentally released the wrong drug and the wrong way, the Drug called "Drug A" which was meant to be released was not actually released was "Drug Z" which effects the back anemia of the brain and takes control in making you want to viciously attack people and kill them *disturbing footage appears in the background of the streets of Podagorsk showing people attack each other in the most brutal way* as advised to stay in doors because these people who have been affected by the drug are not the smartest and don't know how to do simple day to day tasks and participate well in are culture, The outbreak as effected strongly in Chernerus. *Kanen automatically panics thinking of his family* as the key source to this outbreak happened in Chernerus thousand of people have been effected and took steps into there own hands local bandit groups and drug smugglers that choose to stay hidden have come out of hiding and are killing and robbing people that have tried to barricade there houses *Kanen picks up the remote and turns of the TV then throws is remote on the ground and holds his head crying*


"BANG!" *Kanen Jumps out of his skin and see's a shadow figure through the blinds of his window*. His only judgement is that it could of been his next door neighbors husband attracted by the noise he made and has decided to come for his desert. Sat scared stiff not knowing what to do while hearing the groans from behind the glass of his front window, those blood thirsty groans and slurps of when you know someone is really hungry and in need of snack coming with the constant hitting of the glass that won't be able to withstand and the only way he has to defend himself was the M9 Pistol he keeps for emergency's in his desk under the window with the 15 bullets in the one mag he bought when he purchased the gun. As he edged forward towards the desk on all fours trying not to think about the man outside trying to get in and take chunks of his skin and flesh he reaches the desk and opens the door on the desk and reaches for his pistol when *SMASH* The man from outside comes pouncing through with know cares in the world from all the fatal glass wounds he would of took from that. and dives on Kanen.

Kanen with all his strength holding the mans head trying to keep the man from biting him, Just pushing with all his might while with his other hand trying to reach for the pistol that was inches away from his reach trying to keep his face from the bloody drool that was seeping from the mans mouth landing next to and on Kanen's clothes. As the sweat and adrenaline was pumping out of Kanen he manage to find the strength and push the man completely off him and grab is pistol. With a quick pounce Kanen jumped up and unloaded 6 Bullets into the mans chest then all of a sudden there was silence. just utter silence with the sirens in the far distance of police cars and ambulances.

Chapter 3 To Chernerus

To Be Continued....I am going to college and have alot more to right about so i will continue later.

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