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New here in planet earth.

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Hello DAYZRP community I am happy to join you guys in what I hear is an amazing community. I would like to give Juggs credit for my arrival to what seems to be the best RP community I have found so far , and I am looking forward to having Epic, and memorable RP events where I can completely play out the RP desire with in me.

I have played Arma 2 for about two years . Arma 2 is the first game I bought after building my PC, do to it's simulation like play style. I could not imagine what could make this game any better than a true RP community to go with it. (I also got the DLC content and Arma 3)

I will read the wiki and get my self caught up with the downloadable files, before I attempt to join a server so I can be an efficient RP member in game and on the forums.

See you in the field, JEM HELPS

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