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Your tabletop experience/characters

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This thread is for people to show their wacky tabletop RPG characters and tell some fun stories they've had but haven't posted about before as all the topics here are on video gaming. I only recently took up stuff like Dark heresy and D&D but I can kick it off.

My most recent character:

Game: D&D Pathfinder

Name: Fat Rock McT

Occupation: Rapper (Bard)

Race: Dwarf

Short backstory: Fat Rock is a Dwarven rapper from the ghetto, an uncharismatic brute who is almost as aggressive in bar fights as he is in trying to secure recording contracts. With little success in either he has decided to travel the known world as an adventurer looking for inspiration and desperate producers while learning how to fight so even if his rapping career fails to kick off he can bust some heads when uncultured drunkards diss his genre and talent.

I have negative charisma and only took spells that make me look cool so I do nothing in fights except start a buff spell and drink some beer. Lots of bants, our party name is "Fat Rock and the hard places".

In another short campaign we ended up having a lot of fun by accidentally going through the whole thing backwards. We broke into a tower because we were drunk and bored, it turned out to be the final boss's house so we went around him and through the dungeon the other way round.

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