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Stefan Jodar


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Simon's Apartment - Panthera


"You're not real," I shouted nervously at the fake Nicole, "Go away!"

"Stefan, it's me, please stop yelling at me like that, it hurts my feelings." The illusion said to me. "It's me, from school, come on, what is wrong with you?"

"EVERYTHING IS WRONG WITH ME!" I shouted back, "No mother, no father, no family, I've lived the life of an orphan all my life, I'm nothing!" I said, starting to sob.

"Stop blaming yourself, Stefan." She said smiling, reaching out her hand.

"Come join me, I'm going out to eat with my friends."

"Your friends went to your funeral.... our friends.... you can't be real.." I said bashing my head lightly with my left hand. I looked up at her and remembered the smile that kept me going back at the orphanage, and for a moment, I held out my hand to her, but quickly pulled it away.

"You died in a car accident a year ago.... leave me alone....go!" I shouted, suddenly, her face got older and older and older. Then, she disappeared in to the floor in her white clothing.

I blinked my eyes, and back to reality I was, standing on a chair with a tied rope in a O shape, ready for me to commit suicide. I instantly jumped back from the chair and landed on the bed. "What the fuck!" I shouted, had I really lost my mind?

I got up from the bed looking in to my boring apartment, a million things were running through my mind. How long have I been out like that? Am I really going crazy?

My apartment looked average, a boring small, yellow walled apartment with wood furniture. There was really only 4 rooms, the bathroom, bedroom, main room (that I used as a office for my laptop) and a small kitchen that I barely used.

I quickly reached my phone to call someone, to realize, there was nobody to call. Maybe I really am going crazy I thought. Maybe I need to go out more.

I reached for my phone, a simple Iphone, and tried accessing Google. No signal. Was my router not working? I walked over to my desk, nothing has been touched for a long while it looks like.

Nothing working, maybe I could go outside and get some fresh air.

I went to the closet and took pulled out my green jacket, then, in the corner of the closet was my old bag, a green 'free runner' bag that was very small.

I took that out and began to put my headphones, Ipod, pocket knife, and a granola bar in to the bag. I walked outside and locked the door to my apartment in to the dark hallway. Funny, the lights were always left on.

I took out my phone and turned on the flashlight feature, all seemed normal, just a empty hallway. I walked to the elevator, no power, did we lose it tonight and we are all just asleep and don't know yet?

I took the stairs, and walked outside in to the cold Panthera night. It was a Friday night, according to my phone, maybe a pub is still open or something.

That was when I heard it.

Darkness filled the streets, I held up my phone and waved the flashlight around looking for a building that had anything close to saying 'Drink here!' My phone suddenly buzzed in my hand, new text message from Unknown. "Run" It read. Run? Maybe it was meant for the wrong person.

I looked to my left and saw that it truly was meant for me. A loud groan came out of the dark shadowy figure. "Are you okay, dude?" I asked, but he just groaned louder. I took my phone and aimed the flashlight at him, and I got a quick glance of the running corpse before he tackled me to the ground.

With all my strength, I pushed him off my shoulders and kicked him in the chest, he staggered back and I crawled back. My heart was racing, I needed to get out of there and call the police.

Another buzz from the phone, 'I SEE YOU, I'M IN THE BRICK BUILDING' It read, Quickly, I got up from the floor and started barreling down the street, I could still hear it behind me, It sounded as if it never ran out of breath.

Suddenly, A light shined from a building, salvation I thought, with a closer look I saw that the building was made of brick. I jumped over the small chain link fence like it was a hurdle, the thing that was chasing me just ran at it full speed and fell over, landing head first. That's gonna buy me some time I thought.

The door to the brick house blew open, and out came a woman, she appeared to be a Asian with black hair, she was carrying a Shotgun and a large bag pack.

"Who are you?!" I asked hesitantly, she threw me a handgun that I was familiar with in video games, a black G17, which I thought was a lot more heavier than I originally thought it did, and shouted "No time, we must go!"

//So obviously, the Panthera map isn't out yet, I know. I wanted to have a character from Panthera, because to me it wouldn't make sense to have Carib go from Panthera to Chernarus and up and down again.

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