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Warning Points Appeal - Astycc

Guest Astycc

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Link to report : Here

Why the verdict is not fair : My view was the only one which made it explicitly clear I was being sarcastic, I planned on adding something else after, but I was never given chance to edit my post, I was only stating my opinion, which was completely honest and a-lot of people would agree with me. Also, TrilbyAsh basically mocked him on the first page with the same level of sarcasm of me, yet he was allowed to do it, even though he is staff.

Additional statements/comments explaining your PoV (in details) : I do not think stating your opinion without being rude or offensive is worthy of warning points. Although I guess the post was not needed.

What would you like to achieve with this appeal : I would like to get my 10% warning level taken away.

What could you have done better? I could have simply not posted, or not posted in such a sarcastic manner.

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I wrote:

"Wow, such a good story


I planned to add "This needs a lot of work" but was warned after about 30 seconds, so I didn't have time to.

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  • Emerald

Your warning points will be reduced by 1 leaving you at 2 points. You will now receive the same as everyone else that posted mockingly.

I do ask that in the future you please think before you post. Just because a staff member did it doesn't mean you can. Trilby also got warned and had a stern talking to.

Appeal Granted.

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