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The Story of Doctor Robert Selethos

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The Beginning:

Dr. Robert Selethos never intended to hurt anyone.

He used to live happily in his home in Sussex, England. Selethos was an engineer, a scientist. He spend most of his days at home with his wife Arya, and his two sons named William and Xeir. At night he would hold his wife close to him staring at his fire place, and during the day he could be found tinkering in his workshop, inventing and enjoying his job that was more fun than work.

But that was before the outbreak hit. He was in Chernarus, a strange backwards place he'd thought at the time, but in reality 'backwards' was an understatement. He was driving through Elektrozavodsk with his wife in the car when the chaos was unleashed in the form of a Zombie plague. A man ran out in front of his car, and he slammed on his breaks to avoid him. Robert swerved and in the blink of an eye slammed into a poll. Who knows how long he was out, but the next thing Robert knew was his wife shaking him awake.

"Robert, Robert sweetie wake up! There are people outside of the car! They are all bloody, please wake up!"

The emergence from unconsciousness was like surfacing from a deep pool. He awoke just long enough to see the horrified face of his beautiful, dark-haired wife for a second. Tears were streaming down her face, as well as a trickle of blood.

"What's goi--" Robert started, but was cut off by shattering glass. Time seemed to slow as Arya's eyes grew wide, and she screamed. She was dragged from the car, and as Robert's world grew solid again, everything got loud and horrible. Screams and yells and roars filled the air, guns fired and strange inhuman grunts and gargles violated Robert's ears. He scrambled to exit his car, and turned just long enough to see his world shatter.

A zombie, a large male with intestine hanging out, hand a hold of his wife by the ankle. Arya's eyes met Robert's just as the light in them was snuffed out. The zombie fell on the scientist's wife, tearing at her neck, killing her almost instantly. For a long second Robert watched in horror. This could not be. How could this be? It was impossible.

Then his rage took over. He tackled the zombie, ripping the beast off his wife. Somehow a brick found it's way into his hand, and he used it to bash the creature's brains out onto the pavement. He staggered off of it, dropping the blood-stained brick. He picked up the body of his wife, and he ran. He ran until his feet bled. He ran until the city was miles behind him. He ran until nightfall.

Eventually he found a small abandoned RV. In a daze, he smashed the window to the door and went in. There was a bed, and a couch. He set his dear wife down upon bed and collapsed on the sofa. He was in shock, and he knew it. He wasn't a medical doctor but he'd done enough work with cybernetics to recognize problems with the human body. He knew he had to stay awake, but sleep was just too tempting. Eventually he drifted into unconsciousness.

He awoke to the sound of growling. He jerked awake, it was near dawn. The growling was coming from the bed. Robert practically felt his heart break, all over again. His guts went cold, and he begged any god that would listen to let the sound of another zombie be anyone other than his wife. No god listened. Arya writhed and started spitting and moaning, and Robert scrambled to the front of the RV. He looked around for a weapon, throwing open drawers in the RV's kitchen. He found a single cutting knife, and held it close to his body. He shuddered. He'd done martial arts when he was a teenager, but that did nothing to prepare him for this.

His now undead wife flailed, propelling herself off of the bed, hitting the floor with a thump. She went still, her head limp. Her damaged neck didn't allow her to move her head, so she shifted her whole body to get a better look at Robert.

"Please, don't do this." Robert said, practically begging the zombie. His only answer was a deep growl. On all fours, the zombie charged toward Robert. Robert raised the knife, roaring in outrage. A few minutes later, a bloodied Robert stumbled out of the RV. The dagger was still gripped tightly in his hand. He'd never meant to hurt anyone.

A while later, a group picked him up. He'd zoned out, and ended up walking by the side of the road.

"Hey, mister. You alright? Hey, you! H-ellooo?"

Robert shook his head to clear it, and turned to wave. After a short conversation, they offered to take him to a safe house with them. He got into the back of their truck. There were two of them, one in the back of the truck and one driving it.

"What's your name, mister?" The man said. His English was gruff, and distinctly Prussian. Robert paused before answering.

"You can call me the Doctor."

"That is strange name. What you doing here?"

Robert gritted his teeth. He looked at his clothes which were torn and dirty. The other had clean, slightly military-esq clothing, and a gun. Robert needed new clothes. He became distinctly aware of the knife up his shirt sleeve.

"Anything I can, to get back to my sons."

A while later, Robert stretched in his new set of clothes, and checked the straps of his new backpack and gear. He looked at the bodies of the two people, they'd crashed the truck in the struggle so he'd have to walk from here.

"Sorry mates, my boys are more important than you. The Doctor thanks you for your assistance."

Robert bowed mockingly at their corpses. He couldn't afford to feel badly for what he'd done, he needed to get home.

At any cost.

Day 1:

It was fucking cold. Robert had been laying in the grass for hours, it had to be close to midnight. He had no water, and was starving. All he had was a bolt action rifle, and a pistol. He didn't know how to use either very well, he was a scientist not a soldier. He had decided he couldn't run anymore and was lost, and so he hunkered down next to the road hoping to see someone who could help him.

Suddenly, there was a noise. He hunkered down against the cold ground, getting wet from the dew that was condensing on the leaves. He heard the sound of footsteps, and yelling. A man scrambled out of the brush, screaming like a little girl. Selethos gritted his teeth, this was not good. The other man crossed the road, just as at least twenty Zeds also exploded out of the brush. The man ran up the hill, and out of sight followed by the undead. The Doctor was frozen, he couldn't do anything to help. He watched as the zombies crossed the hill, and suddenly there was the sound of gunshots, screams, which slowly faded away.

Robert closed his eyes, trying to block out the image. It was going to be a long night.

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