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Raj Kafeel's ban appeal

Guest Peter99

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Guest Peter99

Link to report : http://www.dayzrp.com/t-formal-s1-kos-false-initiation-at-neaf-12-2-13-4-00?pid=444234#pid444234

Why the verdict is not fair : The verdict was not fair, because the player did not aware us that a zombie was coming after him, and yes he did have a microphone, and speakers of some sort. He just turned. So we shot him because we clearly said "do not turn or we will shoot you. So he died. Even if the player turned he still couldn't have avoided the zombie, he is using the zombie as an excuse for turning(you have to move/run or walk, to avoid a zombie. He still claims that's the reason why he said he turned to avoid a zombie. (know that in my view, the player was blocking it with his body, so there for, I could not see the zombie, since we are in a crowded barrack.) I think he should have said something over direct chat or at least typed it, since zombies move slowly in buildings and we were at the end of the hallway(if you have never been in a hallway barracks have a long hallway)NOTE: that his player was pointed to the door, so he could see who enters, so if you think about it he had a while to tell us that a zombie was going to hurt him, so he could have had enough time to type. NOTE: While he was being robbed we did not give him a time limit to drop his items.(which means he had all the time in the world unless he didn't turn, which he did), we also told him a consequence "Turn around or we will shoot you"(Brief repeated the same thing)

Additional statements/comments explaining your PoV (in details) : I only posted on that Formal KOS post once, and the admin quoted a friend of mine that was posting a ton, and said he banned me because I changed my story, but it was Brief talking. My username is Peter99.

I posted once on the topic telling him that he indeed moved so that's why I shot him, so I did not share my point of view/story, but I guess I shared it all in this Ban Appeal.

my only post on that forum post was:

"We did not give Jonny, a time limit, but we told him, and he realized he was being robbed, we also said that if he turned around we would shoot him. Which he did.(he was turning but we shot him, so he didnt fully turn) I have proof of Jonny edmitting he turned "i was in the screen, dropping my stuff and moved to the left to avoid a zombie"

That quote is found on the bottem of page 1 said by Jonny."


What would you like to achieve with this appeal : I would like to have my warning level lowered, and hopefully un-banned. But mainly have the warning level lowered! I love playing on this server, and hope I can continue to do so!

What could you have done better? I could been aware of my surroundings, and make clear too him the time he had to drop the items. Also I know next time too try to role-play the situation out more, instead of just shooting him, even if he does not obey our orders. Also I should always ask admins, if I do not understand since I never new I had to keep the person safe while I am robbing him. I also could have stop shooting multiple times, and just could have shot once and stopped, so we could continue to RP it out. I should have talked over a plan with my sidekick(Brief) instead of just saying over radio "lets rob him", and then acting quickly.

In this act I learned a new part in a robbing situtation, I never knew you had to keep the person you are robbing "safe" or "well being".

" Zombies are the responsibility of the robber to take care of. You can't blame him for moving to avoid a zombie that you're supposed to keep from getting to him in the first place." -Frayzies

"Also when you initiate on someone, you are fully responsible for the victims well being. If you initiate on someone when they have zombies chasing them, you are fully responsible for anything that happens. The victim was well within his rights to move from the zombie as it was hitting him. If the victim is being chased/hit by zombies it does not grant you KOS rights for non compliance due to the fact your victim does not have a chance to react without being injured/killed by zombies" -Shakya

In Briefs own words:

(03-12-2013 09:33)Brief Wrote:

You never dropped your weapons we clearly said DO NOT MOVE DROP YOUR WEAPONDS NOW. and you turned around almost to the view of us. next time when you are asked not to move DO NOT MOVE!

This clearly shows to us that you did not state consequences. After saying this you then changed your story but this post shows what truly happened. When you initiate on someone you must always state consequences no matter what. -Shakya

Brief commented many times, and I have to admit he was flaming, but I was charged with "changing the story". I also was charged with RDM, but if you read this post I had a reason too, but I shouldn't have pulled the trigger as fast, or multiple times, and kept the situation safe from zombie, for the person I was robbing.


Raj Kafeel: RDM / Bad Initiation - 1 Banstrike - 3 Day Ban - Character Reset.

I was blamed for changing the story. I did not even give a story to a game master, or admin. Jonny changed his story through-out the "forum fight" between Brief. They both changed their stories slightly.

Jonny I think should be accused of changing the story, since he clearly did.

"i was complying, then when they left the barracks they would be killed, but as soon as i went to crouch, i was gunned down, for no reason, and i was complying, i never turned to look at him, and i listened to him. I believe Bobby then went to go talk to them, after the shots, and i believe he was also killed immediately, but that is a separate report." -Jonny

I never moved, there were zombies moving, and i never turned to look at you, i was complying, i was crouched, dropping my stuff.

"i was in the screen, dropping my stuff and moved to the left to avoid a zombie" -Jonny

He later changes from crouching and as a result being gunned town, never moving, and saying we saw a zombie move and not him, too moving to the left to avoid a zombie.

Even thou I only commented once(on the last page), I believe the two both changed their stories, even thou Brief was not the shooter, but an assistant in the robbery.

NOTE: That my friend was in the room to his, and my right. After we told him the consiquinces on turning, he still did so to the right, but on his post he said he turned to the left, which is false. He clearly turned to the right, which in no way should dodge a zombie.

Even if he "moved an inch to the left"(he actually turned to the right, not moving, but turned) he still couldn't have dodge a zombie, since they can reach at you. The barrack hallway is also very small and have little space.

False Information in the robbery

The problem is you never said or i will shoot.


(we both clearly told him if he turned around he would be shot)

Okay then you were to my right(which is true, Brief was to his right), and i did move slightly to my left(false he moved slightly to his right towards the room Brief was in), to avoid a zombie like i said so i may have moved that way, but you were to my right, so therefore your argument is invalid. Now i am done posting.

Also to my conclusion, turning is turning even thou he states he turned left(he really turned to his right), turning is still turning and we both told if he turned we will shoot him, and I do not see how turning to avoid a zombie would help, if anything moving would help since turning does not change the distance between him, and the zombie. Turning only helps him to see the robbers(Brief, and I)

****on the quotes, my thoughts/story can be found in paragraphs, and in parentheses in the person's quote, since they didnt use any.****

Thank you for reading, and spending your time reading my appeal.


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Guest Peter99

Since my ban time only has around a day, and a half left, I guess I cannot achieve that goal, but I would still want to have my warning points to lowered, and have the banned part taken away. Playing this game bring joy into my life, because I spend it with friends, and online friends! Hopefully this case can be solved, so my warning level will not be so high.


EDIT: It would see be nice to have a day or two cut away thou.

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  • Legend

It is abundantly clear you have put in a significant amount of work into this appeal which I appreciate and approve of. Unfortunately that by itself is not enough to make this appeal successful. We have long stated that it is your responsibility to take care of the person who you are robbing. If they are being attacked by zombies you either have to let them protect themselves or deal with the threat on their behalf.

While I appreciate the situation may have been confusing, it is your responsibility to maintain full control over such a situation. For this reason we must deny this appeal.

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